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  1. where to buy Puni Ana Virgin brush/cleaner?

    Does anyone know where I can buy the brush cleaner that comes with the Puni Ana Virgin?

  2. Magic Face 2 Repair

    The Base of the Magic face 2 has a seam which is coming apart on mine. Has anyone else had this issue?
    Is there a way to seal it back up?

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  1. Rating

    The Beastman Maid has an interesting double helix style tunnel. It provides a very good sensation because of it's good suction, along with the helix shape, and texture of its ribbing.

    easy to lean/dry, suction, double helix

  2. Rating

    The Tsubomix is a good toy for the price. It is dual layer but only on one side, the single layer side is nice and soft. The dual layer section is small but feels pretty good. It looks like bunched raspberries and is softer than other dual layer toys. It's good for longish sessions, if you're looking for a toy on the softer side but still has some stimulation.

  3. Rating

    The double peach is an ok toy that has an interesting gimmick. On one side there's ribbing/nubs made from the single layer material which is soft and nice. While the other side is dual layer with much more pronounced ribbing, it's reminiscent of the Feramachio toys. The outside is soft and has decent molding, it also feels more durable than other hotpowers toys I've bought before. The "soft" side is surprisingly very good, it has a good amount stimulation but because of how rough the "hard" side is the soft side gets lost quickly. The hard side feels good and contrasts well with the soft side like the feramachio toys, for the first few minutes. The material and shaping (small, long, pointy), of the ribbing feel sharp and scratchy/prickly.

    easy to clean and store, outer look and material, soft side of tunnel

    hard side of tunnel quickly becomes uncomfortable, Price

  4. Rating

    The erena-extra is very soft and dense. The toy is a bit small but the tunnel is very packed in. Even with how soft it is the toy provides a good amount of stimulation because of the many nubs, how they're textured, and densely packed in. The toy is good on it's own but when used with a meiki plush hip it sets it over the top. So if you have a push hip, you should try the erena-extra.

  5. Rating

    The texture of the toy is aptly named real soft, It's the closest to the real thing I've ever tried. If you've tried Flesh lights before the Venus series is what they're aiming for but fall short. The toy is very low stimulation but the way it's textured provides some sensation. It's definitely for long sessions, so if you're into mellow toys it's absolutely worth a try.

    realism, easy to clean/dry, durable

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