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  1. where to buy Puni Ana Virgin brush/cleaner?

    Does anyone know where I can buy the brush cleaner that comes with the Puni Ana Virgin?

  2. Magic Face 2 Repair

    The Base of the Magic face 2 has a seam which is coming apart on mine. Has anyone else had this issue?
    Is there a way to seal it back up?

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  1. Rating

    This is the best toy I have used, the sensation of both holes are great. The only issue I have is that the ends of the tunnels can be a bit difficult to dry.

    Size, Weight, Grip, Sensation

    A bit hard to completely dry

  2. Rating

    The combination of tightness, density, and softness provide an unbelievable sensation.

  3. Rating

    Really good lube, I like the slickness, good amount for the price

  4. Rating

    Really good overall, good feeling and sensation, easy to clean and dry. The included lube is also good.

  5. This makes drying way easier, but toys with curvy or crazy tunnel designs are still a bit difficult. However still easier compared to just a towel. Also price is a little high I'd rather pay about $8 but it looks like it will last a while.

    ease of use


  6. Rating

    Good feeling material, not as stimulating as the la bocca della verita, but the the bands that simulate a jaw sets it apart.

    good feeling, included lubricant is awesome.

    needs more stimulation to be perfect

  7. Rating

    It's just ok, if this is one of your first onaholes it's not bad. If you've used many onaholes then I would not get it, unless you want something for long sessions. It has low stimulation, that is provided by the good suction and harder material at the end of the tunnel, but without much in the way of ribbing/nubs can only do so much.

    included lube is good, suction

    low sensation/feeling

  8. Rating

    The web tunnel design provides a very interesting and different feeling, but a little annoying to clean and dry.

    web tunnel


  9. Rating

    Keeps toy clean, does its job, and provides peace of mind.

  10. Rating

    The tong ggo 2 is an amazing toy.The inner texture is the same as the original, but the material is softer, easier to get into, and stay in. So if you tried the original and found it to hard or are trying to decide between them, I think most will prefer the ggo 2.

    great texture and tightness