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  1. Rating

    Overall a decent choice for the money. Compared to other significantly more expensive hips, this one can definitely hold its weight. When I opened the box I was surprised that the color was much darker than what I saw in the pictures, and it was definitely smaller than I expected but not a bad size in my opinion. The hip is difficult to clean, and I can definitely see the difference between this and another open hole hip that I have. This review is missing the fifth star because of how unbelievably firm it is, as well as the difficulty of cleaning.Show more

    Quality, tunnel design, weight

    difficult to clean, firmness

  2. Rating

    If you're looking for something realistic, this is definitely a great choice. Personally, I felt like I was just sticking myself into a tube of mush as the toy is so soft it bends around me offering little in the way of stimulation. The toy is made incredibly well, and has a very luxurious feel to it. It is easy to clean, and amazing to look at; the double lip construction is god like. Personally would not buy again, and probably won't use the toy very often but for someone looking for an entry level realistic Meiki, this seems like a decent option.

    Design, Quality

    Softness, lack of texture

  3. Rating

    The most significant improvement to the masturbation game since I bought my first toy. Drying some of the more complicated hips and onaholes can be a bothersome, frustrating process but this drying stick can have even the most intricate Meiki dry in no time. I feel like this improves the sanitation and usefulness of all my toys tenfold. I highly recommend the drying stick, and plan to buy another for the dual hole hips.

    Function, Design, quality

  4. When I first opened the box it's obvious that this is a premium product. It is very well made, and feels amazing. I bought this because I prefer the feeling of a through hole design, and it's super easy to clean. The hip is very firm, and is easy to handle in use, even though it is quite heavy. Having used the Meiki cherry 2 as well as the evolution, it is definitely worth spending the extra money to get the evolution. HOWEVER, if you really prefer the feeling of a closed hole, I would consider something else.Show more

    High quality, firm, easy to clean

    Plugs don't work well

  5. Tenga is well known for quality and design, and the Geo series is no exception. I really enjoyed the Aqua for the more subdued sensation compared to the geo and the coral. packaging is nice, and makes storing the toy easy and clean. I see a lot of toys that are marked as great for partner play, but this series really stands out to me as being true to that statement. The Geo is very easy to use and a lot less intimidating to a partner than certain flashlight shaped toys and other realistic masturbators sold here on toydemon.Show more

    Portable, easy to clean, partner play.


  6. Rating

    I love this new line from Tenga. These toys are super portable, extremely easy to clean, and have a nice premium feel to them. The Geo Glacier is a nice medium between the less intense aqua and the more intense coral. Great for partner play or personal use, this easy to clean toy has been in heavy rotation recently, I might get spoiled by how quickly i'm able to flip this inside out rinse it off and put it on the included stand to dry. Seriously a staple in any toy collection, I highly recommend this series.

    Portable, easy to clean, partner play


  7. Rating

    I wasn't expecting much from this toy, I bought it mainly because it's super easy to clean and dry. I was really surprised with the suction that it has, squeeze the air out and insert and it doesn't really allow any air back in after. Texture is nice, and quality is high as you would expect from a Tenga product. I also have a Tenga flip EV and I would even say I prefer this to that.

    High Quality
    Easy to clean

    Somewhat hard to store

  8. Rating

    Blown away by the suction power of this toy. Hands down the most suction of any toy I've used. Amazing feeling, sturdy build quality, and a really nice texture. I'm personally a fan of the hard shell design as it makes storage a lot easier. The design is very inconspicuous as well so no need to hide it too well. Built in drying stand is super convenient and worked well for me, although I wonder how long it will hold up. I also tried the toy with just the sleeve, and without the plastic outer case and found a new way to have fun with the toy.Show more

    Easy to clean and dry
    High quality
    Easy to store