Now that achievements are up and running, we are still planning for more things for the site. Next thing we are planning is a new bundles page up in which you get to pick and choose from few select options and get additional discount by buying in bundles. Once it's ready, you'll see it on the site!

As for this month's giveaway, we are going to go back to a question that has been asked before. Since more time has passed, more onaholes have been released, and more new TD users can certainly use this information, so here goes:

How to Enter:

1. Create an avatar. (Build it within your Profile if you haven't already)

2. Have a public wish list of at least 8 items that does not have "Wish List" in its name. (Create relatable wish list title such as "Best Oral" for your wish list and categorize them accordingly and help out others)

Also if you haven't favorited any of your purchased products, help us out and select a few favorites if you have any! (This is not required to enter giveaway)

3. Upvote this topic, vote in the poll, and answer the question in the comments: What is your favorite onahole and why? (If you have not purchased any onaholes yet, let us know which one you're looking to purchase and why). Your comment might help other users find their next favorite onahole!

You must do all 3 steps listed above to be eligible to win the giveaway.

-10,000 Reward Points to 5 lucky winners!
-Winners will be randomly picked on 05/31/2024

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must sign up for a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.