1. Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Final Part 3 - By Price)

    Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Final Part 3 - By Price)

    In this final part of our post, we are going to give you the best selling masturbators by price.

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  2. Tax Day Super Sale 04-11 to 04-19

    Tax Day Super Sale 04-11 to 04-19

    Tax Day is soon upon us and we hope everyone got a nice refund this year. As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, nothing is more certain in life than death and taxes. ToyDemon is certain that our Tax Day Super Sale being one of the biggest sale of the year is sure to bring some joy for everyone.

    From now until April 19th 2019 at 12pm (Noon) Central time, we are giving 20% off almost everything on our website (excluding Pre-order items) using code: tax20. How can we make this any sweeter? Buy 4 or more items and get 25% off using code: tax25 ! Simply apply the discount code on the side cart to take advantage of the sale.

    This code works on clearance

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  3. Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Part 2 - By Brand)

    Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Part 2 - By Brand)

    So in our last post we looked at the top selling masturbators in the years past, now let's take a look at best selling masturbators within each brand!

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  4. Masturbator (Onahole) 101

    Masturbator (Onahole) 101

    Masturbator "Onahole" 101

    What to consider when choosing a Japanese Masturbator a.k.a Onahole?

    If you are new to the whole Japanese male sex toy scene, then the first thing you might want to know is what is a "Onahole". Well, the term comes from the Japanese words "Onani" (Masturbation) and "Horu" (Hole) combine the two words and you get the idea, simply it's a male masturbator device, pocket pussy, artificial vagina/anus/mouth etc.  you get the point.

    When it comes to buying a Onahole, there are literally thousands of different ones on the market and plenty of new releases monthly from companies from Asia. Scrolling through all the different ones is enough to get your head spinning but no worries, here are a few basics to narrow down and identify what best fit you when choosing  one.


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  5. Spring Sale 03-22 to 03-26

    Spring Sale 03-22 to 03-26

    Spring is finally here and we hope the weather is warming up where you are at. We haven't had a Spring Sale for the past couple of year so there's no better time than now. ToyDemon Spring Sale is live with the following deals.

    Save $10 off $100+, or Save $30 off $200+, or Save $60 off $300+

    Not only is ToyDemon having a Spring Sale(one of the biggest sale of the year), we are also making this sale No Coupons Needed. That means you can use a coupon code on top of the big discounts. This sale is only available for a limited time! Sale ends 03-26-2019 12:00pm Central Time.(Sale excludes previous orders, and pre-order items).

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  6. Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Part 1 - By Year)

    Top Selling Japanese Masturbators (Part 1 - By Year)

    We decided to do a little digging and look at the top sellers of the past.

    The "Top Sellers" on the front page lists the top 12 sellers in the past 30 days that are in stock, but what about years past? Well let's take a look!

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  7. Always Double-Check Your Address

    Always Double-Check Your Address

    From time to time we want to remind everyone to make sure your shipping address is accurate before you click that button to submit your order. Countless times customers contact us asking why their package have been returned by the shipping carrier or have been delivered yet it's not found anywhere at their location. As we try to resolve these inquiries many times it was due to an incomplete address weather a unit/apt number was left out or a completely wrong house number etc. In many cases where the packages have delivery issues due to wrong address information submitted by customers, they usually end up having to pay for address change fees, return shipping cost as well as additional cost to re-send the package depending on each situation.

    Nothing is more frustrating when that package you've been expecting at the doorstep does not arrive all because of something that could've been easily avoided.


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  8. Valentine's Day Sale 02-08 to 02-18

    Valentine's Day Sale 02-08 to 02-18

    We hope everyone has been staying warm with the weather being so bad lately in many parts of the US. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and ToyDemon is giving out some sweet discounts for Valentine's Day. From now until noon central time on Feb 18th, 2019, use the following to save sitewide.

    Save $5 off $50 or more using code: love5 or Save $25 off $125 or more using code: love25 or Save $60 off $250 or more using code: love60

    Simply enter the code in the "Apply a discount code" section of the side shopping cart and click on Apply to use the codes. It's that sweet! Sale starts now

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  9. Direct cancel order is now available!

    Direct cancel order is now available!

    Here at ToyDemon, we are always trying to improve our website usability and customer experience.

    The ability to let customer cancel the order by themselves has always been a feature that we wanted to do. Finally with the new website, we have been working hard with our developer to make it work with the payment processor. We are now happy to unveil this feature to our customers.

    However, just the same as big retailers, there are few exceptions for when you cannot direct cancel an order:

    1. You cannot direct cancel if your order has a status of "Complete"

    This means your order has been picked, packed, and handed off to the carrier. The option to direct cancel your order will no longer apply and you will need to contact our customer service to work out a Return / RMA.

    2. You cannot direct cancel if your order has been partially

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  10. Weather Delay 01-30-19

    Weather Delay 01-30-19

    As you may have heard, it's been pretty cold here in the Chicago area and it's gonna be even colder with wind chill at -30 during the day. Didn't know that's even possible here but it's -50 at night... For safety, FedEx and USPS are confirming that they will not be able to pick up on Wednesday Jan 30th 2019 which will delay shipments out. Delivery delays are also possible for package deliveries across the U.S. since it's seems to be cold in a lot of other places. Please check your tracking for the latest update. Hope everyone stays warm!

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