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  1. Thick lube recommendations for low stimulation ona holes?

    I've been going about this the wrong way.

    I always thought "lube is lube"

    but after trying out different lubes for the same toys

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  1. Yawa Meco

    I tried the other Yawa as well and if you were to get one, get the Yawa Meiki 02 (if it's on clearance again)

    but given the price point.

    It's a decent buy

    the yawa meiki 02 has a different texture inside, and although this product says that's it's triple layer.

    the dual layer meiki 02 feels significantly better imo.

    It's a 2 star, but giving it a 3 based on the price.

    good price point
    feels good
    looks good

    If you're willing to spent another 10~15 dollars get the yawa meiki 02

  2. Young Wife and Milk Tea

    You do get a lot of material for your buck, however, there's a reason for it.

    It's not as soft as I thought it would be (which can be a good thing for some people) and the tunnel is very short.

    no smell
    nice packaging
    lots of material

    more medium than soft

  3. Fantasy Girl TRISHA /PS-1M (B type)

    My main concern is the smell.

    I've tried everything and the smell will not go away.

    It might be the smell of the material itself.

    Every time I get a whiff of the smell I have to start over.

    Easy to clean
    Can help you finish fast

    Makes a mess (open hole)
    Smells horrible and stays on your skin
    Stains fabric that it touches
    Slightly too small (penis pops out the open hole)

  4. AV Mini Meiki Mitani Juri

    not too much sensation.

    can be good for edging longer sessions

    Very easy to clean
    smooth good for edging

    If you like bigger lumps / bumps get something else.

  5. AV Mini Meiki Tanaka Lemon

    Very middle tier compared to the other mini meikis out there.

    I would try another one if you're new.


    sunken in a little but I guess it doesn't matter since the tip is going to poke through the end either way.

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