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  1. Do you enjoy soft or hard onaholes?

    Just a quick poll because I've been wondering how popular one or the other was.

    If you'd like please comment what your favorite soft/hard onahole is, or if you enjoy both share your favorite

    Do you prefer Soft or Hard Onaholes?

  2. Looking for Hip Recommendations

    So after trying 7 or so different onaholes and the Meiki Plush Hip, I'd like to experience a hip that is more realistic(?) than using the Meiki Plush Hip. I'd like for it to be bouncy and allow me to hear

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  1. GoTo Kozukuri Reiko

    So this hole isn't exactly my favorite type, but I still really enjoyed it. I prefer holes that are a little on the firm side like the Gal Zamnai Wrap. This toy is VERY soft, I'd say it's similar to the Lolinco Virgo Soft version, it can't support it's weight on it's own and it will completely flop over when you hold it with one hand.

    However, I really enjoyed this hole, maybe because it still has that section in the middle that is actually noticeable. It's on the loose end, and the stimulation is a step above minimal; I think this toy stands out in really long sessions.

    Of my super soft toys, I'd say this is actually my favorite. Those other toys being the Lolinco Soft and the Deltoro Omega; and compared to those toys this one is overwhelmingly cheaper. If you were interested in the Deltoro Omega I would 100% recommend this toy.

    Super Soft(?)


  2. GoTo Kozukuri Anri

    So initially the art of the GoTo Kozukuri series piqued my interest and I decided to try out both this hole and the Reiko. Between the two this is definitely my favorite.

    I'd describe this hole as the vaginal version of the Gal Zamnai. It feels almost identical in firmness, it's not too hard, nor too soft. There's a good amount of stimulation as well, however I myself am unable to tell the difference between the four zones, but they still feel incredible.

    I can't recommend this hole enough, it's not too expensive either.

    Good Stimulation
    Good Firmness


  3. Stretchy Cock Ring 3 Pack

    These were a little too big to use on just the shaft, but when using it around both the shaft and balls it was a little uncomfortable.

    Makes you harder

    Uncomfortable sometimes

  4. USB Onahole Warmer

    Some reviews here put me off of buying this product, but when it was offered as a free reward I picked it up. It does a great job at getting the onahole warm, and it makes the experience way better.

    Beware that some soft holes will peel off onto it if they get too hot.

    Makes most onaholes much better

    Damages some soft holes.

  5. Tenka Itteki Lotion 400ml

    I bought this lube after trying the regular Ride Japan Lotion, as the other reviews said that it was very similar but thinner. It has quickly become my go-to lube when using anything but a blowjob onahole.

    The tip is also incredibly nice compared to something like Onatsuyu. It allows for much easier insertion and less of a mess.

    Lots of lube
    Nice Tip


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