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  1. Brand Link for NOTOWA? + Underrated Brands

    Does NOTOWA have enough products to have a link to all their products? It's the only brand I can see that doesn't have it.

    On a related note, after some digging on the site I believe that

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  1. La Bocca Della Verita Supreme Romanticism

    I bought the original but didn’t like it that much. But this one is a whole other matter. This heftier version feels amazing. I don’t mind the teeth either way, but it means you can’t go for long sessions with this one. When you deep enough it starts tugging on your more, so the deep and shallow strokes feel markedly different.

    You can try to last a long time with this one, but it will make you finish quickly no matter what. If that’s what you want, then this is for you.

    P.S. get the lube that goes with the Mouth of Truth. It makes it better.

    Very stimulating
    Variety in usage


  2. Meiki no Syoumei 013 Tanaka Remon

    I found the actress on the box attractive and saw all the reviews so I bought it. In summary, it’s pretty good. The triple layers offer a different feeling that is slightly firmer than dual layer and, I’m assuming, feels more realistic. The feeling itself is pretty subtle but enjoyable.

    I’m not quite sure why, but it didn’t give me the same reaction as all the other reviews. It’s good for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s a top product for me. Maybe because I’m not used to the more realistic textures? This deserves a 5/5 regardless.

    Triple-Layer offers more structure
    Easy to clean

    One of the vaginal folds was torn upon opening, but is an aesthetic thing and doesn’t affect performance

  3. Shin Meiki no Syoumei 004 Fujimori Riho

    You can check what I’ve bought in my profile, this is a top contender in my opinion. I always love that all NPG products are relatively heavy, and this is no exception. I haven’t used the anal part and have no interest in trying, so the review is just about the vaginal tunnel.

    Starting with the externals, the entire toy has a skin-like texture with all the little wrinkles and folds that skin has. Feeling the internals with your finger, you can tell the texture is softer and unlike any other NPG product. Once inside, it feels warm and enveloping, and although it doesn’t have internal textures per se, pushing through the different parts of the tunnel where it juts out is very pleasurable. If you can imagine fluffy jello, that about describes how it feels. Soft but not pillowy on the inside.

    I’d say the best part about it is how it warms up if you use it for a while. It feels warmer than any other toy I’ve ever used, and makes it feel like it has its own heat. Stroking or thrusting will change the experience slightly, with thrusting making it feel more subtle. Lube also influences this toy a lot, so you can use thicker lube for an even more subtle feeling or thinner lube to feel the internals more.

    No matter the lube, I believe this product reigns supreme in the soft category.

    Skin-like external texture
    Heats up with your body temperature
    Soft and one-of-a-kind internals
    Easy to clean
    Durable (drying sticks don’t hurt it)
    Relatively heavy

    Entrance color may diminish with cleaning
    Anal part (not an issue if you don’t use it)

  4. Vagina of the Pure Vermilion

    This product is around the same price and basically the same weight to the Puni Virgin Fuwataro, so I think it’s helpful to compare the two. This one is a little firmer on the outside and slightly more defined on the inside, but it’s not by much. I also don’t appreciate the concept of the Fuwataro, so this is also an alternative for that reason.

    Apart from comparisons, this is a very good product. The entrance looks appealing, it’s easy to clean, relatively subtle but great texture, durable, and good heft. You can’t really ask for more, other than waiting for it to go on sale, if ever.

    Slightly firmer alternative to the Fuwataro

    Price if not on sale (but still worth it)

  5. Road of Uterus

    I find it surprising that a product that has less than 10 reviews ends up selling out as much as a it does. I bought it and then I understood.

    It has a great weight, but the body of it is longer than other toys in its weight class, which is appreciated, giving more room for above average guys, but that’s not a concern for me. The textures are more stimulating than other heavier toys as well, but aren’t too stimulating or tight to be unusable. The best thing though is that it releases way less oil than other toys of similar weights.

    This toy somehow does everything well: great feeling, good softness, great heft, length accommodation, easy to clean, and durable, all without sacrificing one for the other.

    Cheaper for its Weight
    Great stimulation
    Easy to clean

    Sells out often
    Not for you if you want softer stimulation

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