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  1. Best Hard Onaholes (Recommendations?)

    Hey all! Been really enjoying the G-19 Reality a ton lately, and been pretty happy with the Lolinco Virgo Premium Hard as well. Really want to buy a couple more like those, but not sure which I should

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  1. Foxgirl Kami Magic! Mochitto Kamiri

    Of the three onaholes I first bought, this was by far and away my least favorite. There's a lot of negatives all around and coming up with positives is a bit of a struggle.

    What good I can come up with is that it is at least serviceable. It also has some inherent pressure control, being how soft it is.

    As for the negatives, I'll start with the more objective thing, which is that mine came tearing apart a bit, especially around the back. Kinda like a swiss cheese look, to give a picture. It doesn't affect the inside or anything, but definitely makes me scared it'll tear apart any time I do use it. The tongues on the inside don't feel nearly as good as I'd hoped either; they're technically noticeable but they just don't feel particularly good. It's also sort of large and extremely soft/floppy, making it super hard to handle even with both hands. Finally, it came out smelling super bad out of the box, although by now the smell has mostly (not completely) gone away.

    Ultimately, my reasoning for giving this 2 stars instead of 1 is just because I think I learned that I just don't like soft toys. Maybe this toy would be good if you liked softer, much less intense sensations, but that just wasn't what I liked and now I know. Still, some of the other issues I bring up still make me not recommend this to most, as build quality and the inability to hold much at all seem like pretty big deal breakers to me.

    It's... serviceable, I suppose

    Very floppy
    Outer Tearing/Build Quality Issues
    Not much sensation from inner tongues
    Smells bad out the box

  2. Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Hard

    I bought three onaholes to start with and of those three, this one was my second favorite. It's pretty good in most ways, but doesn't have anything that stands out to me as "amazing".

    The entrance and insides are, as expected, very tight. I find myself liking this a lot, but the tightness is pretty much the only thing I get out of it. I cannot notice any other detail in use, aside from hitting the end of it which also feels good. The outside material feels super nice to hold as well. The build quality also feels especially sturdy, so I'm not even a tiny bit worried about breaking.

    Aside from not having much detail that I can feel, the other major drawback is that it can be difficult to handle. One-handing is possible, but to get any good grip you'll probably need both hands (unless you got big grippers). This can technically be an upside though, as you can get more forceful with both hands, but the lack of convenience is more noteworthy imo. It's also rather hard to properly clean this thing; you either take forever doing it or accept a "good enough" for your cleaning attempt.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this toy. Sometimes there are days where I use this and I get the absolute best sessions, although on average I'd say it's pretty deserving of the title "pretty good".

    Tight entrance
    Tight inside
    Good build quality
    Outside feels good to hold

    Loses any finer detail in the tightness
    Hard to handle, usually need both hands
    Hard to clean

  3. G-19 Reality

    I bought this along with two other onaholes as my first few and of them, this one has been VERY good in my opinion.

    The toy is relatively hard and wont flop around much, and fits perfectly in your hand. The entrance is somewhat tight, not enough to hinder anything. I thought the nubs inside would be okay but they turned out to feel AMAZING on use, on average the best sensation I've felt yet. On top of that, the womb section feels great to pop into, and can also make cleaning much easier (you can just fill with water, tilt down, and squeeze the womb area to clean if you're feeling too lazy to use a brush). The only downside I can think of is that the outside material just feels a bit uncomfortable, but that discomfort is lessened if you run some water on the outside from what I've found.

    Overall very pleased with this one and was highly worth the 40 bucks, would recommend to anyone, especially those looking for a first toy.

    Easy to handle
    AMAZING sensation from nubs
    Womb area feels great
    Easy to clean

    Outside material feels uncomfortable to hold

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