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  1. Anybody else here into DIY sex toys?

    Interested to know/connect! I've 3D-printed molds, smoothed them out, then applied mold release and poured silicone to make custom onaholes before. I don't have a ton of experience, and it's not like I

  2. Onahole Poll Devil Sairin mislabeled?

    I see that one of the new onahole poll items is listed as "A-One". Is this a mistake and meant to say "Ride Japan"? I have the original toy and that's a ride japan one. And I see ride Japan on the product

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  1. Devil Kairaku Chaos Turn

    My first Ride Japan toy, and it didn't disappoint. I quite enjoy the soft material. As others have said, it's a bit loose. I like this though, as it makes for a very gentle experience if you don't squeeze the toy. The subtlety of it is very fun, and depending on the mood can easily swap between a quick finish or a long edging session. I like when the exterior of the toy is more neutral, but the texture they added to it is somewhat off-putting if I'm being honest. It's not a problem for me though. My only real negative here is that the inside did have a good deal of bubbles and small tears, and it doesn't seem like it will hold up super. The narrow protrusions easily stick to each other, which can make cleaning harder. None of this has prevented me from enjoying/cleaning it though, so I'd say it's okay in that regard. Will definitely be trying more from Ride Japan in future!

    Quite soft material. Versatility. Fair enough ease of cleaning. Price reasonable. Uniqueness factor. Spiral.

    Parts inside have a lot of surface defects, and stick to each other a lot. Doesn't seem to matter all that much.

  2. Micchaku Pissius Six Wall

    Okay, so I have the Lilith 6 and Lamia 6 as well. I wasn't a fan of either of those. For the lack of quality control I was finding with those, as well as the lack of uniqueness factor going on with this one, I fully expected not to like this. I was pleasantly surprised. Despite being kinda basic, to me this one felt really good. It was nice and tight and the bumpy walls felt really good. The end is pretty subtle though and didn't feel like much to me. The quality was there though. I didn't notice any tearing before or after uses (unlike with the other 2 toys in the series I mentioned). Overall, I'm not blown away, but I actually feel like this was worth the price. The others are just kinda garbo to me tbh.

    Cheap price. Decent quality. I like better than the others in series. Feels good to me.

    Not really unique. Kinda boring.

  3. Ride Japan lotion 400ml

    I find that this is a great deal for a basic lube. As others have said, the applicator and thickness really allow for quick precise application. You can easily get the amount you want (unlike the onatsuyu lotion). The bottle is discreet (without spending like 20 minutes cleaning up sticker residue... looking at you again onatsuyu). I do think it can dry a bit stickier than other lubes, but I always expect this. Just be careful not to let your pp get stuck to anything before washing. It might just hurt to unstick it....

    Cheap. Discreet, Good applicator.

    Beware of the sticky drying.

  4. Absorption Lilith Six Uterus

    I didn't think it possible to be disappointed in this way given how popular and cheap this one is. In the one toy I have previously owned that had the "uterus" feature, that was by far my favorite feeling part of it. I thought for sure this would be nice, even if odd. Nope. I find it too tight and all the sensations just get drowned out. I can't feel the texture at all. I can tell where the entrances are of course, but it just feels like a bump ... but not in a good way if that makes sense. Definitely unique, buch like the Lamia 6 Ball. But I don't find it to really feel great. And also like the Lamia, the quality just is not there. I know it's cheap, but dang I can't wash this thing without pink bits detaching and oozing out. So many bubbles on the inside, and just like the Lamia 6 Ball, there was tearing in the last chamber from the start. So I guess it wasn't just bad luck for me. I will say that the Micchaku Pissius one surprised me with its quality and feeling. That is my favorite of the 3. I'd only recommend that one, if any. If not for the uniqueness of this, I'd just give it 1 star. Honestly, same with the Lamia 6 Ball.

    Cheap (price). But it shows. Not worth it for me even at this price. Uniqueness.

    Cheap (quality). Falling apart inside from the start. Doesn't feel like much to me. Harder to clean all the chambers.

  5. Quadruple

    I almost want to give this 5 stars. But that would be affected by the fact that I got this on a flash sale. I also think the material surface quality leaves a lot to be desired (inside and out). As the other reviewer already stated, this is the only toy from this company currently available, and it makes me want more. It's a great super-soft sensation, and the barbell design actually does add a lot of fun to the use of it. Gripping it near the bottom makes it flop around and adds new sensations. Gripping near the middle is more average, but gripping near the top is also interesting. You do feel the nubs and everything very subtly. The whole thing is just this super gentle caress, and so I find it can be great for longer edging sessions. But don't get me wrong... I find this thing feels SO good, I can easily cum if I want to. I only bought it because of the flash sale (it was about $20USD) and the fact that I'm trying different brands to see what I like. The art on the box is not the kind of thing that I normally spring for, but with the price, interesting looking internals, and relatively unknown brand, I was drawn to try it. I bought 4 other holes ranging from just under $20 up to about $45 in the same order, and this was my favorite. I want more soft toys now! This is coming from someone who love the mershark ("carnivorous mermaid").

    Super soft. Unique design. Neutral exterior (for me). Easy to clean.

    Lots of bubbles on inside and outside surface.

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