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  1. Are there mechanisms to ask for something to be added to the catalog, and if not, to custom order?

    Just wondering, since I see that there used to be a "special order" feature in the years past based on random searching, but maybe not the case anymore?

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  1. Lusty Hot Spring 2

    Great onahole in terms of the theme it's going for. It's a pretty normal level of softness and tightness, but it's pretty stimulating (more than what I think the chart on the box implies). Like the top review states, if you're not applying extra lube/relubing, it can rub you raw.

    That said, it's really great. If I could have a single entry onahole, I don't think this one would be too bad because the difference between with and without suction is stark and makes for usable differences in stimulation.

    Apparently the previous version of this is generally better regarded, so hopefully ToyDemon stocks that at some point or a Big version comes out.

    Very stimulating
    Viable both with and without suction
    A good all rounder, given the above

    Kind of short
    Dries out pretty quickly and can rub raw without relubing

  2. Ba Bu Mi Big Sticky Type

    My favorite onahole so far out of a handful. The few simple internal textures might be unassuming, but it's really great. The two wedges are easy to work with and feel good, while the end of the tunnel gives a little extra when you want it.

    It's soft, gentle, and works great with suction. Easy to pace. Dry stick is a bit of a pain to use since the wedges are so big and having to dry both sides of them.

    As an aside, it seems to be THE top selling/ranked onahile on Japanese forums for well over a year at the time of writing.

    Great at what it does
    Simple internals are easy to understand and use but not at the expense of pleasure

    Dry stick usage can be a pain due to wedges

  3. INSOMNIA 360ml

    Works great as a lube and feels nice to use (generally made of nice ingredients, and labeling says it's safe enough to consume) but from a practical standpoint, can be annoying because it can easily wet out and spill out from everywhere.

    A great alternative to Onatsuyu if you find it drying, don't like its texture, or you are able to regularly deal with spills/messes.

    Does not dry out easily
    Lubes well

    Easy to make a mess

  4. Meiki® Toy Bag Regular

    Between this and the plus version, I'd favor this one unless you know the dimensions wouldn't work. The sizing is pretty much just right, even for relatively larger onaholes like NPG's. The bag feels sturdier than the plus version, though maybe less breathable.

    Size is likely exactly what you want unless you have something extremely big for an onahole (likely something you'd need to two-hand)
    More robustly built

    Seems less breathable than the plus version

  5. Umi No Ana 2 Carnivorous Mermaid

    This can totally get you off.

    That said, I don't know if I'd ever recommend this to anyone unless they specifically want something extremely hard, stimulating, tight (and by extreme, I mean to the point where it's not really fun/usable unless you're really hard). Not that it's bad, but I feel like you'd be better off with a lot of other holes unless you're dying to have something that is super tight and has really hard textures.

    It's super stimulating, but so much so that it might be uncomfortable/not as fun until you get into the groove. Alternatively, if you have a specific fantasy in mind, maybe it's be easier to get into.

    It's good at what it does, but what it does probably shouldn't be a go to for the average person... But maybe that's just me.

    Very stimulating
    Very hard/textured/tight
    Easy to clean
    Pretty indestructible

    Not something I'd recommend to anyone unless they have a specific fantasy in mind or want to destroy their dick

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