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  1. How does "4 Reviews Per Day" work?

    Copy pasted from the perk description of review points "Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 400 points."

    I had a crate of 12 toys arrive last week and figured the weekend would be a great

  2. Scams, Fleshlights, sex dolls, and how I realized I should've just started here.

    This is mostly just me ranting, but with a few words of caution for anyone casually browsing this site.

    My History:
    Years ago I got a few fleshlights. I never liked them much, once

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  1. Absorption Lilith Six Uterus

    Let's keep it simple, the toy sure does.

    The rings feel great, it is a very nice inner design focused on the head. The shaft doesn't get left out as the rings travel. This design is easily a great one.

    However, it's small size and very slight rubber feel (as in very very slightly chew toy rubbery, not silky buttery velvet like some TPE) cost it a star.

    Then boom! It's price earned that star right back.

    It goes hard on your head when your head goes hard. If that's what you want, it's a good pick all things considered.

    -Stimulates head very well.

    -Small and cheaper feel (which is to be expected).

  2. Devil Kairaku Chaos Turn

    Per the title, you will finish fast if you don't resist. Do something distracting, the more boring or aggravating the better.

    There is a hard version (not here very sadly), this is the soft version.

    The Good:
    The main thing to do is look at the cut away and see the entire length of the inside. The pleaded texture will massage your shaft from all sides while the bumps (curves) give extra work to the head. It sounds simple, but even the soft is aggressively good.

    The consistent and all encompassing sensation means it will be intense. It is everything I want in a toy.

    The Bad:
    Nothing really. Unless you want to last a long time. I suppose the hard version has potential to be better based on personal preferences for firmness, tightness, and aggression.

    It is soft, which avoids soreness, yet aggressively textured. It works the shaft and head well simultaneously. There isn't much else to say. I may seek out the hard version at some point, but I'm happy as is for now!

    -Consistent and all encompassing stimulation that works every part of your member at the same time.


  3. I'm Sorry for Burising You - Bote Fold Straight Combo

    The size is decent for the price range. The material is toward the soft side near the middle of firmness.

    The Good:
    The texture stimulates evenly and consistently. It is pleasant and relaxing, but didn't take me too terribly long to finish. The pattern really hugs from all sides at all times.

    The Bad:
    The texture is pleaded and it does twist in a spiral like pattern too. However, the material is so soft that you really don't feel that. I'm sure without the pleaded walls and twists the sensation would be less. Yet it merely seems like compensation for overall lack of simulation.

    This toy is surprisingly gentle despite the look and name. I was expecting something that hit harder. It could almost pass as a soother, almost untextured, tunnel made of a firmer material while in fast motion.

    The toy does stimulate decently enough. What it gives it does so in a consistent and all encompassing way. However, due to the material's softness it doesn't give a lot.

    I think for the price range, it is quiet acceptable. I've yet to encounter the durability issues the others have, but they are worth noting.

    -Consistent low to moderate stimulation.
    -Good value.

    -Not very stimulating overall.

  4. Maid's Naughty Punishment

    Solid weight with a firmness I'd consider a near center medium. My toys labeled soft are far softer and my toys labeled hard are much firmer. It is hard to quantify exactly, but most lean toward one side or the other. This might be a notch toward firmer, but just one.

    The Bad:
    For once, nothing! Keep on as is!

    The Good:
    The inner nubs were difficult for me to accurately visualize sensation wise. I figured that the texture would be an 'interesting' sensation, but I didn't know about 'good'.

    Just imagine several finger tips pressing into your shaft from all sides. It feels good and is even firm enough to really be a massage and not a tickle. The cut away does not accurately represent just how small the gap in the 360 version really ends up. Those nubs dig in.

    The absolute peak of this toy is that the nubs work the back side of glans right where it transitions from head to shaft multiple times per stroke. Honestly, this toy will make you finish fast. On a speed run, this toy is in my top 2 or 3 easy.

    It feels great, makes you finish fast, and doesn't irritate or make me sore in any way. I love this... um... naughty maid.

    -Great stimulation.
    -Aggressive head play.
    -No soreness or irritation.

    -Can only have my c**k in one at a time.

  5. Renzoku Zetcho Kari Binta

    I hate this toy being paired with this review. In a fair world, I'd rate it 3/5 and be done.

    The Awful:
    1. It came DAMAGED. I used an endoscope to inspect its interior during unboxing. The back ring and 3rd from back ring were split. 25% of the rings were broken before I even got it. Given the price, I didn't care to dispute it or anything. If it wasn't good I'd just move on forever anyway.

    2. The craftsmanship is shoddy. The back is uneven, the seam on the back is goofy and amateur looking, and there are pock marks from air bubbles all over it.

    3. Strong burnt tire smell. Strongest odor across nearly 3 dozen lifetime toys now. Personally, I don't mind. As I am wont to say "dang you stink gooood". (I think I have a thing for TPE and silicone, lol.)

    No other toy I've ever gotten has been so bad out of the box. However, the real disappointment came when I realized what could've been.

    The Great:
    1. First the softness stood out to me. It is amazingly soft, very similar to ToysHeart "Babumi" and "fold spiral SOFT". I love the feel.

    2. Decent weight.

    3. That texture of progressively tighter rings is a freaking home run even with 25% if them damaged. It is genuinely in my top 3 toys. They just attack the head with the soft yet aggressive massage. Really truly great! I'm tempted to roll the dice again already for an intact one.

    Overall, despite all the flaws, damage, and amateur presentation it is a great toy. The softness and internal design pair together expertly. It's like there is a disconnect between the material and texture designers and manufacturing staff.

    The reason I let it keep all 5 stars is because, as I said, this world is not fair. Perhaps I got unlucky and it is a rare 1 out of 50 or 100 that have cracked rings. Perhaps it got slapped around inside the box in icy cold weather. It is my first purchase of the brand after all.

    However, if it happens again... I will not show mercy no matter how stunning the toy. There will be stars removed. (Don't take my tone too seriously over a thirty dollar toy, lol).

    The brand has tons of potential. Good material and designs are the core. Just lock down shipping and QA, then they can become a personal favorite.

    -Amazing even when damaged.
    -Progressively tighter rings wreck your junk comfortably!


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