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  1. Is "Last call" for to-be-Discontinued products a good idea?

    I never really know when something is going to be discontinued. There are clear signs like few/no/bad reviews or that a product is older.

    However, there are simply so many products that

  2. Unable to leave review for a product I have.

    I ordered "Beast Kingdom Horny Tiger Hard" and I got it yesterday. I'm trying to leave my review (its not a bad way to spend an early morning I'd say), I even have photos this time to boost my explanation.

  3. Jiraikei Jyoshi Panky Mesh page returns a 403 Forbiden error.

    Title has it all.

    Is this an advanced marketing strategy? Or did I end up personally banned? DooS Attack (Denial of onahole Service)?

  4. How does "4 Reviews Per Day" work?

    Copy pasted from the perk description of review points "Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 400 points."

    I had a crate of 12 toys arrive last week and figured the weekend would be a great

  5. Scams, Fleshlights, sex dolls, and how I realized I should've just started here.

    This is mostly just me ranting, but with a few words of caution for anyone casually browsing this site.

    My History:
    Years ago I got a few fleshlights. I never liked them much, once

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  1. Eromanga Zettyou

    If you study the design of the toy, you can see the flaps clearly and envision how this toy feels in action.

    The entrance is tight enough for some really good suction. The flaps on the inside really work the head as you travel through the toy.

    I'd say due to the thickness and spacing of the flaps, it feels kind of like fingers gliding along the top of your rod. It is pretty good all around, though I don't think the sensation is super special.

    Not every toy can be some bizarre gimmick or wild design, but I also think there is enough room for improvement over a simple flap based design to warrant losing a single star.

    -Reliably stimulating, especially for the head.

    -Aside from some suction and friction around the entrance, the flaps don't offer much that a tentative hand can't replicate.

  2. Moshiyan

    First let me say that it gets a free star simply due to the price. If that doesn't matter to you, remove one.

    4 Star Mode: Orientate the toy right side up and use it. The tightness squeezes good near the entrance and end. The nubs that line the middle rub the sides of your rod well enough. It is fairly stimulating given the high firmness.

    5 Star Mode: Orientate the toy side ways. The nubs along the sides of the middle will rub both the top and bottom of your rod, catching the head multiple times per stroke. Pretty dang good for what the toy is.


    -Small (unless you are too).

  3. Understanding Bitch 2

    Soft toys are a bizarre thing to me. They sometimes seem intent on providing as little stimulation as possible. Which doesn't have to be the case.

    I imagine for soft enthusiasts that sometimes one might want as mild of stimulation as possible. Which is fine, but for me I really like soft toys that still stimulate at least with "medium" intensity or more.

    The ideal combination of soft, clingy, silky, and a cacophony of physical sensations is simply not here. This toy is very, very gentle. Fast or slow strokes don't provide much stimulation to any part of the rod.

    The basis for my rating is simply that the very busy and packed design had my hopes up. For a comparison "Mochiyuki Shiko Hida" is even a tad softer, but can really dig into your head when pumping. It is far more ideal for me.

    I guess I simply wanted to find that experience again so maybe I'm being too harsh in my judgement, but just know that there is little stimulation here and rate that via your own preferences.

    -Easy to grip due to large grooves on the outside.

    -Very low stimulation.

  4. Tight Spiral Orb Fluffy Mellow Soft

    First, yes you get a free sticker. Bookmark shaped, it is a view of the packaging's mirror and its upskirt shenanigans. (Wonder if that magic eyes is doing that for all their new toys now?)

    The toy itself is very mild overall in sensation. The material is very soft, as described by the title "Fluffy Mellow Soft". This softness delivers the typical clingy-ness soft toys have.

    The dense bubbles and wide spiral turns sort of blur very quickly if you move at even a moderate pace. The design looks pretty aggressive, but bear in mind the extreme softness of the material. It still stimulates decently and consistently enough for its material.

    Overall I think it is soft and relaxing as it is intended to be, however the bumps are too small and the spirals too wide/few to really do what I wanted most: make a soft toy with strong and unique sensations.

    Don't get me wrong, it is fun and gentle to use. However, I'm not going to remember it in a decade (unlike ToysHeart longitudinal spiral soft for example).

    -Soft, gentle, relaxing (if that's what you want).

    -Moving at a quick pace doesn't add much intensity.

  5. Devil Sairin Chaos Re-Turn

    The original chaos turn has a bit more stimulation to it overall. Re-Turn definitely attacks more evenly along your entire length all at once, but it doesn't hit the head as hard I think.

    A better comparison is between this and ToysHeart's Maid's Naughty Punishment. Both have several ribbed bumps lining the walls fairly densely.

    The maid experience is simply a lot more intense because it is a firmer material. Re-Turn is just a tad too soft in my opinion.

    However, it will absolutely cover your hog in sensation and will wreck it pretty reliably. The 360 coverage hits nicely on each stroke and the bumps do work your head decently too.

    All in all I really like the toy, Re-Turn is great. It is just not as stimulating as could be mostly due to it being a micro smidge softer than medium. It'd be best as a medium to hard firmness given then loser nature of the interior.

    -Stimulates consistently along the entire shaft 360 degrees every stroke.
    -Easy to clean and use.

    -A bit too soft given the loser tightness (but not a deal breaker by any means!)

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