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  1. Recommendations on the tomax softness

    So for once it seems like all the tomax onaholes are back in stock.

    Is there anyone that possibly have owned all of the different softness that can recommend the correct softness for me?

  2. What's your feelling on this pandemic?

    So I was thinking while staying at home........again, what's your feeling on this pandemic and the stay at home for almost 2 months though it feels like it's been forever.

    Pros: So far I

  3. Need help deciding bewteen unbearable lip doll and la bocca della verita

    New here and looking for a cheap onahole to try out. Was intrigued by the la bocca della verita and the unbearable lip doll because blow job toys just look so enticing! After reading the reviews, some

  4. So down to Venus Real vs ZXY, please help!

    So I have been asking around and now I am convinced to spend a little more and reading from all the suggestions it’s down to Venus Real vs ZXY.

    For the Venus Real I plan to buy the soft v

  5. Did you get your stimulus money yet?

    And did you buy onaholes with it!?

    I bought la bocca and am still researching for a 2nd toy.

    Also bought animal crossing on switch and a ssd for my laptop. Gonna keep the

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  1. La Bocca Della Verita

    This is my first onahole. I was asking between this and unbearable lip doll and this won out from all the suggestions.

    The suction was good and it felt amazing for me I used quite a lot first few days I got it. The teeth didn’t bother me like others have mentioned.

    Definitely would recommend this item to beginners.

    Feels great and not too expensive

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