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  1. Nuru Gel Seaweed Lube

    Anyone know if TD sells lube made form seaweed? I think they call it Nuru Gel and it seems like it's available in pretty large quantities or as power (and you mix with water). I've recently started having

  2. Softest Hole

    I'm looking for recommendations on the softest hole currently available. Alot of holes don't have softness / firmness rating so it's difficult to choose one. Bonus points for: Having around 6 inches internal

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  1. A Voluptuous Wife Creampie Onaho

    New holes are always a crap shoot since there's usually little info about them. But this one is very reasonably priced, so I figured I might as well try it.

    First impression is that it looks great. The labia have a realistic texture that's kind of fun to rub on. It feels durable too. The best part is that it has almost no smell (which is a huge plus since I'm very sensitive – the Venus Clone Rich Soft also has no smell if you want something softer). And it flips open for easy cleaning (though it's a bit tricky to get open since the entrance is tight). The entrance is tight enough that it's hard to get into (make sure you're fully hard first). Squeezing the air out doesn't give much of a vacuum but it does give some. As far as firmness it's pretty close to the Lilith Uterus Regular (probably a 5 or a 4). So it's way to firm for my current taste. Also a little short for my taste (I managed to get about 5 inches in). A note on color. The pics with pink in them are not accurate. It's almost completely one, pale color (there are some nubs on the inside which are more of a peach color, and the inside is very slightly peachy).

    I'm giving it a 4 for having so little smell and great features for the price (although Tomax are my favorites, this is almost half the price, so if I was looking for a Regular, I'd buy this instead). With that said, I'll probably never use it again since it doesn't match my tastes. But I can't fault it for that. It's my fault for not knowing it's specs. On the plus side, I can look around for other toys from this company. If they have something nice and soft I'd definitely buy.

    Good build quality. Good price.

  2. Fuwa Pocha Torori-Na (Long)

    Odor: Smells a bit like a new book or rubber shoes (kind of chemically like). The scent fades quite a bit after the first wash. Keep in mind, most of the smell comes from the oil, and these products are constantly sweating oil. I'm sensitive to smells, so I was not too happy when I first opened it, but now that it's washed, it's not so bad. I know from other holes I've owned that the smell will fade more as more oil is sweated out and cleaned off. Of course, it will also get firmer and less elastic as the oil leaches out.

    Compared to other holes, it's about the same "strength" as the Venus Soft that I bought some years back (which has a faint smell, but which is something I could never describe, it's not bad). However, the new Venus Rich Soft that I bought last year has absolutely no smell. And I'm really sensitive to that (if you can touch a penny once and smell it on your fingers for hours, you are too).

    Texture: This clever little pussy is impregnated with random bits of firmer material. Never having caressed a fat woman's skin, I can only imagine that this is what it would feel like. It's not bad at all. In fact, it's pretty interesting as the firmer material is a nice contrast to the ultra-softness of the skin. The material is thin too, so gives very little resistance to my member and contributes to the marshmallow softness. (In comparison, Venus Rich Soft puts up more resistance because of her thicker walls.)

    Softness: It's softer than anything I own (the Venus Clone, Rich Soft is very close though). In fact I think I'd say it's inhumanly, amazingly soft. Sliding your lubbed up best friend inside is like humping a cloud, a pile of softest down, or a bowl full of soft peak whipped cream. Now add to that the gushy slipperiness of the included Virgin Lube and you have something that's just plain amazing. It's perfect for anyone who wants to edge, has premature ejaculations, or just wants to fuck the weekend away. But not something for someone looking for a tight, intense fuck. Think of this as a plump milf's soft, kind pussy. It's not a nubile young thing's tight, firm ass.

    Length: I can get the whole thing in there! (With the Venus, I always have a big hanging out unless I push.) Floppiness is an issue if you're doing it one-handed, but I wrap it with a towel, slip it between 2 pillows, and have no problem with the old in and out.

    Cleaning: Although you aren't supposed to do it, you can use your thumbs at the entrance and push with your fingers at the bottom to flip it open for thorough cleaning. However, because of it's increased length and softness, this is a bit trickier with the Fluffy than it is with Venus. If you decide to do this, be very careful. The bottom is very thin and I put my thumb right through the middle one day. I probably could have gotten away with it if I'd used both thumbs at the corners to push instead on one in the middle. This is not a problem with Venus because the bottom is thick (and in fact they actually tell you to flip it open to clean).

    So Venus wins. In addition to being more durable and nearly as soft, it has absolutely no smell. (Although if they could make one without the smell I'd go with Fluffy.)

    Soft as sin and plenty long. She'll accept everything you've got. And she's a cheap date!

    Smells a little (not much). So soft it's a bit hard to handle. You have to be careful cleaning.

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