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  1. I have mixed feelings about this one. The design is very solid, stimulating without being over intense. Also can use without being super hard. She has given me some very, very intense climaxes. I will usually start out with a more intense toy and finish with Taciturn Girl.

    I only wish ToysHeart would change 2 things about her. Make her deeper, I am small/average and I still bottom out. Could be a little tighter.
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    great design and feel

    too short, could be tighter

  2. I just got mine today, took her on a maiden fap and loved her right from the start. This is my first dual layer hole, definitely won't be my last. The inside is great!

    The sensation is great, not too intense but definitely felt. I would have concerns that the Evo soft is just too, well, soft. This felt just about right but could have been firmer yet. But this seems to be a real happy medium that I was looking for. This hole is moderately tight, again just about right.
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    great vacuum!

    a few inches too long for me

  3. Rating

    I give this one a mixed review. I had high hopes for her because sometimes I like a more "basic" hole with just a few features, no weird bends, etc. The ribbing is quite stimulating but can be monotonous one longer sessions. If they made the ribs a little smaller for smoother pushing I would rate this toy higher. I would like smaller ribs for a smooth but stimulating thrust.

    The tightness is fantastic!
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    just right tightness!

    ribbing could be better

  4. I have heard about this one from other reviews and decided to give it a try. Darrin Seven is now one of my top 5 holes and gets a lot of use. It gives me mind-blowing climaxes.

    The bungee material is a mixed bag for me. For this hole I love it! The way it hugs my member as I pump in/out is just mind blowing. It doesn't feel too much sliding in initially but after a few minutes the subtle grooves just build up to a huge finish. The only downside is sometimes I need to switch out because it just gets so intense.
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    the hugging sensation is mind-blowing

    maybe too long, floppy

  5. I have the original T girl and have enjoyed her immensely but noted some shortcomings. I would have liked her slightly larger, firmer, and a bit tighter. Well ToysHeart hit all the marks on this one!

    The tightness is almost right on. With the slightly firmer material you can really feel the texture without it feeling rough, hard, or rubbery. The nubs and ribbing feel great, stimulating with a smooth thrust. And I love the length! Instead of bottoming out I go balls deep and can feel the "womb" section on my head.
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    A vast improvement from the original

    expensive for single layer hole

  6. The Ride Bungee material is a mixed bag for me. It depends on the hole. On the Darrin Seven it feels great, for the Virgin Eternity it's still nice but not quite as good as the D7. Bungee is still a trade off.

    The material is very soft and supple. The upside is that it really hugs my member as I use this hole with moderate suction. It's also easy to go into and doesn't require a raging hardon like with firmer materials. The downside is that it doesn't have the same great tightness of other products.
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    soft, smooth, and hugs my member!

    could be smaller and tighter

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    I got this because I really liked the design of it. I still do, the ribbing and tapered "speedbump" are nice features and provide good stimulation. Where the Impulse loses me is 1: the entrance is too small/tight for no good reason 2: the material is too firm and has a rubbery feel to it. You need a raging hardon to use it and the stimulation isn't that great with the rubbery feel to it. A slightly better and softer material and easier insertion would have made this a fantastic toy.

    the internal structure

    the material is rubbery

  8. I got this one because I had my eye on one of the "ring" texture holes and thought it would complement my collection. This one did not disappoint. The ball texture is very stimulating without being harsh or rough like others I have tried. This is probably one of my favorite holes, many satisfying finishes!

    The material. I have a lot of Toysheart and Ride products. While I like both the bungee and TH material each has their pluses and minuses.
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    great stimulation and material!

    a little short, could be tighter

  9. I have several Ride toys and this ties with Darrin Seven as my favorite. The bungee material works great with this hole. Someone else said the stimulation is "balanced" and I tend to agree. Not too intense, but felt for sure. The ribs are just right. Not too big or small, stimulating with nice smooth thrusts. I like this texture better than Virgin Eternity because it's felt all over not just in spots but VE is still a good product.Show more

    perfect stimulation, soft and supple

    needs more suction

  10. I have many toys and this one really was a great purchase! I like the Mate products, good design, very stimulating, but I felt the material to be lacking. Maybe a bit rubbery and hard. But this one uses a softer material than Nana or Tokkimeki Venus. This material is more like the Ride Bungee material.

    The stimulation combined with the slightly softer material really makes this toy shine! I got this to round out an order but it has quickly become a go to toy for me.
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    awesome stimulation
    Great material

    too long for me to get the full sensation
    could use some vacuum