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  1. As the title says, my friends bought this for my birthday knowing that I have another child coming.

    Feels great.
    Heavy, so you could do a bunch of different positions.

    After using it once its starting to crack and peel.
    Very difficult to use.

  2. I've had this for over a year and used it about 10 times. I owned quite a few. This 1 is still my favorite. Hope you don't get a defect like the bad reviews I see.

    Great texture, Smooth, Feels great.

    Cleaning is annoying like any other.

  3. I've had this for over a year. It still works well. Easy to clean, heats up well. My only complaint is, it's not wireless.

    Heats up fairly quick, Easy to clean

    Not wireless

  4. It does what it's suppose to, dry. Be careful with how to insert, it feels like you could damage your onahole.

    It drys quickly

    It feels rough enough to rip/shred your material