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  1. Meki plush

    Hey toy demon are you guys still bringing back the old school plush dolls I have been saving my money for you guys to bring it back thx :)

  2. Cornstarch or baby powder

    So I'm just curious what others are using out there on there toys I personally have always used cornstarch due to my first toys where Fleshlights and they recommend to use cornstarch. But I have noticed

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  1. First off I have to say if I could give this toy 10 star's I would. This amazing girl would probably be under my top 3 favorite magic eyes toy. Off the bat this toy came in a well designed box showing off various ways to use the toy out the box she came in near perfect condition. A few spots had some minor peeling but it's cosmetic. She has two entrys a vaginal and anal canal. The anal is pretty useless it's so shallow only my tip would probably fit.Show more

    Simulation of a small fairy like girl on you, great stimulation, good durability for a magic eyes toy

    Small anal cavity but the vaginal is so good so who cares go buy it :)

  2. So I ordered this toy thinking it was a normal textured toy and upon arrival found out it's a soft toy.... Bummer well let's review it anyways. Out the box it came in perfect condition. Upon use the toy doesn't have many tricks to throw at you it has a mild ribbed sensation throughout the toy. The uterus in the back is the only saving grace in the back. My problem with soft toy's is because they are soft they don't press against you and you loose sensation because of it.Show more

    Durability, soft if you're into soft

    Soft, needs more texture, probably would of been a better toy in regular texture

  3. Wow this one was a huge fail. First I took it out the box and was super disappointed it was a soft toy but was nice to see it came with a nice size bottle of lube. The sculpt of the toy is nice but it had wrinkles all over probably due to soft material. The inner texture was bland I couldn't feel much but that's always been the problem with soft toys they are loose and don't provide feel. Also mine had a imperfection in the tunnel and I almost busted out the side of the toy.Show more

    Comes with lube that is more valuable than the toy

    Super fragile, low stimulation, way overpriced for just one or two sessions

  4. Rating

    I purchased this one with a magic eye toy and at first use with the toy was shocked with how great this toy felt. The only toy's I have used in the past where Fleshlights due to there great durability but decided to get this to try something new and I'm glad I did my only issue with the product is the durability of this product cause the outside started to peel after just touching the toy out of the box so not sure how long the product will last but overall had tons of fun with it and Show more

    Size, value,price,feel

    Quality of shell

  5. Rating

    I found out about this toy through a review on YouTube a year ago and was fascinated with the look of the toy but because of quality issue with these toy's never gave it a try till now and man am I sorry I waited till now. Yes the build quality is questionable but oh man the feel of this toy was so good it makes me over look the build quality and the price is great for what it offers I'm already looking forward to trying another magic eyes toy after this one.Show more

    Visual,feel,price, packaging

    Quality of shell, peeling

  6. This is my first drying product and I must say it definitely cuts the dry time in half. In the past I always left my toy out to air dry and it would always take forever for the inside to dry. This product helps grab some of that moisture out not all of it but a good amount. The product definitely is fragile though seems to be made out of a pores like material like a clay or something stone like but a must have if you hate waiting for your toy to air dry like myself

    Speed up dry time

    A little pricey

  7. I always hated waiting for my toy's to air dry then I decided to give this a try and I must say it helps cut the dry time in half. The toy will still need to dry after use but it helps to get the majority of moisture out. The product is fragile though since it seems to be made out of a pores clay like material but overall great product

    Speed up dry time

    A little pricey

  8. This bag is good for medium size toys probably around 800 gram or so toys. The price is great and it's not flashy to attract attention if you forget to leave it out would be nice if the inside was lined with a softer material but overall good to pair with a toy purchase

    Price, look, size

    Would be nice if inside was softer

  9. Pretty good product warms up your toy in roughly 10 to 15 min easy to use small only gripe is it's USB with no adapter they expect you to have one or what I use a USB power bank so keep that in mind otherwise would of gave it a perfect score but not bad for the price

    Cost size runtime

    Needs your own power supply

  10. Great bag for small toys probably no larger then 600 grams very discreet bag great quality only gripe is I wish the inside was lined with something softer but for the money a must to pair with toy purchase

    Cost visual quality

    Interior could be softer