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  1. Meki plush

    Hey toy demon are you guys still bringing back the old school plush dolls I have been saving my money for you guys to bring it back thx :)

  2. Cornstarch or baby powder

    So I'm just curious what others are using out there on there toys I personally have always used cornstarch due to my first toys where Fleshlights and they recommend to use cornstarch. But I have noticed

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  1. Lust Gimmick

    Out the box this toy came in almost perfect condition. I found upon use one side of the wall inside was crazy thin from improper casting so durability will be sketchy. Sensation on this one is ok although the rings are very flat. They are so soft you almost don't feel them. Toy could of been a bit longer as well. Overall a ok toy.

    Cool concept

    Poor casting, can't really feel rings

  2. Monster Wet Real

    Out the box this toy came in perfect condition although it had this coating of little white balls all around the toy. Pre washing fixed this but was wierd because it's the first time seeing this on a toy. So this monster has some interesting folds inside giving this toy a semi realistic experience for inner texture. The texture for the dual layer is on the thin side probably because this is a older toy design before magic eyes perfected dual layer inside. Overall not bad but not amazing

    Semi realistic feel, decent size

    Back wall is too thick could of made more room inside the toy, thin dual layer

  3. Gokusai Uterus Duo

    Out the box this toy came in perfect condition no tears or rips. The size was smaller than I was imagining. Both sides have a different feel but they are slightly different. Upon use I heard a pop and busted out the other openings. I have no idea if that's ok or not but at least the toy was still usable. Sensation was ok. And surprisingly was more difficult to stay lubed up since there are two holes the lube likes to leave the opposite side of use recommend if you're on the smaller side. Bigger guys might not enjoy as much due to size of toy

    Two toys in one, decent stimulation

    Durability, and size should of been a little bigger for concept to stay in the toy

  4. Kupaa Triple Trip

    Out the box the toy came in perfect condition. First thing I did before using the toy was feel inside with a finger it's somewhat tight but not too tight. I see why people complain about busting through the back upon feeling inside the back wall is very thin so hard hammering of this toy definitely will tear through the back. Use was enjoyable ok stimulation but nothing crazy special and durability was ok no rips and tears after first use. Overall decent toy just be careful with the back of the toy

    Tight, good price, easy clean up

    Thin back wall recommend gentle to moderate use of toy will probably break through back with rough play

  5. Love Style 48

    First off I have to say if I could give this toy 10 star's I would. This amazing girl would probably be under my top 3 favorite magic eyes toy. Off the bat this toy came in a well designed box showing off various ways to use the toy out the box she came in near perfect condition. A few spots had some minor peeling but it's cosmetic. She has two entrys a vaginal and anal canal. The anal is pretty useless it's so shallow only my tip would probably fit. And the vaginal is the star. It's well balanced with a good amount of sensation but not too extreme plus it's pretty well sized and will accommodate most guys. Now I know you're thinking why does this toy deserve a 10 then. Well when I started to use the toy I felt this experience I have yet to have with any other toy the legs on this toy while you're using it gives this hyper realistic feel your actually having some one tiny grinding on you. And I must say I got off three times in one session with this thing it was amazing. Durability is good too no tears or rips after first use. I picked her up on the 4th of July sale but she is totally worth full admission. I hope magic eyes does something similar like this again.

    Simulation of a small fairy like girl on you, great stimulation, good durability for a magic eyes toy

    Small anal cavity but the vaginal is so good so who cares go buy it :)

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