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  1. Hot & Cold - Do you warm up your onaholes/hips before using them?

    Do you warm up your onaholes or your hips before you use them? If so, what's your preferred method?

    Do you notice any difference between your experience when you smash a cold ona vs a warm

  2. Butt Play and the Modern Man

    Hey dudes.

    It's 2020 and many sexual taboos have been cast by the wayside by now. It's pretty commonplace for people to be excited or open to "eating ass" or anilingus, and many men are

  3. ToyDemon Apparel

    I'm a long time and high volume customer of ToyDemon and I would love to have a Hoodie and a T-Shirt available to wear! Would anyone else be interested in having some sweet ToyDemon swag to sport?

  4. Onasheets - are they ever coming back?

    Did anyone else ever use the Onasheets? Such as "Magic Eyes Monster Pleasure Ona-Sheet Kakusei" or any others? They were like a big slice of sexy textured bread that you could wrap around yourself or use

  5. How do you store/display your collection?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm curious how you store your collections and whether you display them or not.

    I used to store my sleeves in ToyDemon bags inside of a footlocker. Now that

  6. Penis Size & VORZE A10 Piston SA

    Hi everyone,

    I've been eyeing the VORZE A10 Piston SA but the thing is MASSIVE and a bit intimidating. I'm of very average length (~5") and am wondering if it's even worth it.

  7. Which Onahole is your favorite?

    Hey, everyone!

    What's your favorite Onahole? Do you have one that is your absolute favorite over all others? Do you have a favorite mouth, a different favorite butt, and a different favorite

  8. Suggestion: Colorblind Quality of Life

    Hey TD team,

    I'd like to make a suggest that would improve navigation and the use of your for people who are colorblind, like me.

    Features that cycle between a dark red and

  9. What do you think of my new haul?

    Just received my new haul (pic included below). Lot's of fun to be had here!

    I'd like to review each of them, and curious if any