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  1. Storage for hips

    Wondering what people do for storage of hips. The bags sold here are too small or too big for the dimensions I see for many hip products. Just store them back in the box maybe?

  2. Looking for recommendations

    Recently I've decided to drop the Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus because the size is just a problem. It's too small for me. However, I want to replace it with another one with a harder material and strong stimulation.

  3. Onaholes for medium-large penis

    After getting the Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus, I realized I have to be kind of conscious of the size of holes I get. My penis is a bit above average at 7 inches long and 5 inches in girth. Do you guys have

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  1. Meiki® Bliss Lotion 150ml

    Nice bottle of lube, especially the nozzle. It's very easy to get lube exactly where you want and prevent messes. It's a little lacking in bang for the buck, but if there is a good sale I would say it's among the best.

    It's fairly thin but not too much in my opinion. If you're a fan of thicker lubes I would say probably try something else.

    Very easy to apply due to the bottle
    Good viscosity
    Very low odor
    Plain bottle

    Bang for buck is lacking slightly

  2. Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

    When I first got this onahole I was somewhat disappointed, but over time I've grown to like it. The main thing that changed is that I started using it "hip style" by holding it in place on my desk and thrusting into it instead of moving the onahole.

    I can't properly talk about this hole without talking about value proposition. When I first got it, I thought it was pretty bad for the money. Even after coming to like it, I'd still say there are definitely holes with better bang for your buck, such as the Hasamare Henge. If this hole cost 45 or 50 instead of 60 (which is sale price!), I would probably give it 5 stars. If it was 40 or under I would definitely give it 5 stars, but it's not.

    The stimulation is a good level if you want an extended session, but it's also no slouch. I'm not able to just go to town on it without getting close to nutting pretty fast. This makes it very easy to control how long you want your sessions to be.

    The tunnel curve feature is also quite nice, I like that it adds a lot of flexibility to the hole, and wish more holes offered this simple yet impactful feature. For me personally, if it's "ass up" then it feels more like a straight tunnel, if it's "ass down" there is a medium level of pressure from the curve, and if it's on its side is the peak of the sensation caused by the curve. The flexibility to control that is great and is definitely amazing.

    At the end of the day, the feeling is the most important, which is why I'm giving 4 stars, however, there are some definite problems with the product and I hope these were solved in the later models from this line.

    For one, the outer lips are just weird and terrible. They form a sort of pocket around the actual hole, which I suppose is to prevent lube leaks but personally I'd rather a little lube leak and have a better experience from the lips. They make it annoying to add lube in the first place, they take away from realism, and also make it harder to clean. I prefer something more like the Hasamare Henge, which looks less realistic from the outside but doesn't interfere with things and once you actually have your penis in the hole looks about the same in terms of realism.

    Another thing that I didn't like was that it comes with a ton of lube, but the lube is so thick you pretty much have to scoop it out with your finger. With my bought lubes it's easier to apply and I will never get it on my hands unless I make a mistake. Have fun getting the lube out of the provided bottle without using your finger though. You can hold the bottle upside down and the lube won't even come out a little bit for minutes, if ever! I didn't have the patience to see how long it would actually take. I tried using an empty mechanical pencil shell to scoop out lube but it just doesn't work well and at the end of the day I pretty much must use my finger to scoop it.

    Although the size lends itself to the "hip style" usage I mentioned at the beginning, it makes it kind of unwieldy for other use cases.

    Lastly, I saw that at least one other product in this line that people say comes with a poster, this one didn't. I don't mind it too much because I'm not a fan of ZXY herself, but as a product kind of marketed to her fans, I can imagine they would have liked a poster in the box.

    In conclusion, it's a great hole, but not without some problems, so for the reasons listed above I'm giving it a 4/5

    The tunnel curve feature
    Right level of stimulation for a longer session
    Large Size (Lends itself to hip-like usage)

    The outer lips are weird & annoying
    The lube it comes with is too thick for my tastes
    Large Size (annoying to get in and out of bags etc)

  3. Goku-Hida Virgin Octopus

    I have a bigger than average penis, and this onahole isn't super suited to my size. Keep this in mind when using my review.

    Despite its small size relative to me, I did not find this onahole too tight except in one regard. It's quite difficult to initially get your dick into it if you have a dick my size. Even a little bit painful for the initial push. Once you're in, it's fine other than length. If this onahole was longer and was a little bit easier to enter, but with the same internal tightness, I would probably rate it 5 stars.

    It's quite stimulating for me, and I like the sort of "nipple" at the back. Speed control is especially useful with this toy because it can really affect the feel. Unlike other reviewers, I feel like going slow doesn't necessarily make it better, it just changes the sensation.

    It feels more durable than my other onahole, the Hasamare Henge, although it is also made of a harder material which likely contributes greatly to this feeling. That being said, the entrance hole definitely got bigger after my very first use. I actually prefer it this way because it helps a little with the problem detailed above, but overall it hasn't changed except the very entrance. One quick note here as well is that lubes tend to get caught at the top when you put the initial amount, unless it's a very thin lube. Only a small amount will go down inside and you have to be careful or you'll have a kind of bubble of lube at the top.

    Although the length being short has its downsides, I did note that it's very easy for me to clean because I don't have to scrunch up the hole to reach to the back for cleaning.

    I continue to use this hole in spite of its size, but I think next time I'll be looking for something a bit longer at least.

    Strong Sensation
    Very easy to clean

    Not ideal for people with larger than average penis.
    Initial lubing not ideal.

  4. Tenka Ikketsu Hasamare Henge

    I bought this as my first onahole, and it doesn't disappoint. In fact, it's a little bit too good. You see, I was trying to avoid an overly stimulating onahole for my first one. This onahole is quite stimulating but thankfully not to a crazy degree.

    It feels very good and definitely creates a suction effect. The feeling is very pleasurable, but seems to lead to my only major complaint about this toy. That being that for sessions that are quite long, it seems like the tighter entrance prevents good lube distribution, and I notice myself having to apply lube more and more often the longer I use it in one sitting, because deep inside is plenty lubed up but it starts tugging a little too much closer to the entrance, even if I try to force the lube from deep inside back towards the entrance. However, this complaint is pretty minor, having a session long enough for this issue to happen is quite difficult because it does its job very well.

    Feels durable, stimulating, Price, Easy to clean

    Lube distribution after 30 or so minutes starts to get bad quickly

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