Sorry guys, this topic will be a long one......

First I will go through the answers to the TD Website Quiz from the October Giveaway. We discussed whether to just leave the results as a comment on the previous giveaway, but we feel then most people will never go back and see them and they won't even have learned that they were wrong on some questions. Not saying posting it here will get people reading, but at least it'll get more visibility as it's the new Giveaway.

So here are the breakdown of the questions and its answers:

1. How long has ToyDemon been in business?

Answer: 15 Years - 90.9% (210 out of 231) of people got this correct.

Where: You can find this information on our site logo, which shows est. 2008, or one of the community posts "15 Years of ToyDemon and the New ToyDemon Website".

Reason: We wanted to ask this question to show new users that we have been around for 15 years. We are not some random new shop and you can completely trust us.

2. Which iteration is the current ToyDemon Website?

Answer: 6th - 72.7% (168 out of 231) of people got this correct.

Where: Again, this answer can be found in "15 Years of ToyDemon and the New ToyDemon Website". In that post we showed all the different versions of throughout the years.

Reason: We wanted to show that we are always looking to improve and also catch up with technology. We will always try to improve and add more features to our site.

3. What does the do?

Answer: Light / Dark Mode - 94.8% (219 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: I am surprised still 5.2% of people got this wrong. Because you can simply click on it and see what it does, whether you're on desktop or mobile.

Reason: We simply want to point out that dark mode already exists. Stop asking for it!

4. Where do you apply your reward points?

Answer: Side Cart - 57.1% (132 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: This is located on the slide out side cart above the "Proceed to Checkout" section. Both reward points (if you have any) and coupons are applied here. You can also find this answer in the Reward Points link at the bottom of every page.

Reason: We also get a few cancel requests because they forgot to apply their reward points. Hopefully this will help users remember where to apply them.

5. What requirement is needed to become a "Silver" member?

Answer: Complete 1 Order - 90.5%. (209 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: You can find this answer in the Loyalty Program link at the bottom of every page. Or in every product page above the "Add to Cart" there's a "earning rewards" chart that will show up if you mouse over it (or touch on mobile).

Reason: We want users to know that just 1 order is all you need to start accruing more discount and perks from us. We used to give 500 Reward Points for Bronze, and we noticed there are people that will keep creating new account to take advantage of this, so we had to remove it.

6. How many points are rewarded for leaving a review?

Answer: 100 Points - 88.3% (204 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: This can be found in the "Loyalty Member" chart mentioned above, or in every product page when you try to review, there's a message stating "Write a review and receive 100 Points! (For verified purchase only)".

Reason: We used to provide 50 points per review. However, we know reviews are very important to new customers. So we want to encourage more reviews by providing more incentive on leaving a review. Rest assured, we still look over the reviews and do not approve short reviews that says "this is a good onahole".....

Note, there's a discrepancy here that if a user is not logged in, the message instead says: "Write a review and receive 50 Points!
(For verified purchase only)". Because of this, we will also accept 50 points (22 people selected this) as correct due to our mistake. That mistake has now been fixed as of today.

7. Which statement below about "Pre-Orders" item is FALSE?

Answer: Count towards coupons or promos total - 88.3% (204 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: This is located in the Pre-Order menu on top. Under pre-order banner you can see the benefits listed. Pre-Orders do not count towards coupon or promotion totals because the pre-order itself is already free shipping by itself.

Reason: We want users to take advantage of the many discounts and perks that comes with pre-order as it also helps us gauge how many we can order. It's mutually beneficial.

8. What does indicate when it appears on a product?

Answer: Your previously purchased products - 82.3% (190 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: The icon displays on products that YOU have purchased. So everyone will see the icon on different products depending on what they have purchased. We will accept answers that close enough to the correct answer. Answers such as verified purchase or that you own this product will also be deemed correct.

Reason: Just to again teach users what the icon means as new users might nto read through the site and might be confused when that icon appears on a product.

Note, 3 people answered Guaranteed Delivery Date, which is also where the icon shows up, but the question asked when it appears on a product.

9. Where can you turn "ON/OFF" specific email notification such as newsletter and back in stock emails?

Answer: /newsletter/manage/ or Account-> Email Subscriptions - 77.5% (179 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: Just by accessing your account dashboard and click through, it should be pretty self-explanatory. Again, answers that will lead to the correct location will be accepted, so anything that describes how to get there or mentions Emails Subscriptions.

Reason: We want to do this to point out that you have control over a lot of the notifications and emails you receive from us. So if you do not want them, just turn them off. Reporting us as a spam will only hurt us and everyone else that actually wants the email.

10. Please answer the following about Free Shipping.

Answer: SHIPFREE, $75, Continental US Only - 74.0% (171 out of 231) of the people got this correct.

Where: It's located in banners posted under Masturbators and Deals. We will again accept answers that are close to the correct answer.

Reason: We still get a lot of people not sure that use code "Freeship" or is confused on how free shipping works. So hopefully this will make everyone more aware.

11. Where does ToyDemon ship from?

Answer: USA, Illinois - 156 out of 231. 67.5% of the people got this correct.

Where: Bottom right of every page below our logo and above the social icons. You have to have clicked both USA and Illinois and ONLY USA and Illinois to be considered correct.

Reason: As we answer tickets and look in communities such as Reddit. We noticed that a lot of people still are not aware that ToyDemon ships directly from within the US. If you're located close to Illinois, you will get your packages that much faster as our warehouse was located in IL. Our prices are higher compared to those direct from Japan shops because we already did the importing cost such as freight, duty and custom clearance. You don't need to worry about anything else if you're located within the US. Unlike other shops, we also do not list products that will take months to stock while holding your money hostage.

Everything on our that shows "Add to Cart" is IN STOCK and ready to be shipped from IL, USA. It's also why we can offer you free shipping as well.

Hopefully you guys liked the breakdown and have learned from the quiz. Considering only about 28.5% (66 out of 231) of the people got everything correct, we need to work on how to better convey new features and functions to everyone.


Now on to the November Giveaway!

Our Black Friday sale just happened (ending 10/31), and some are confused as to why it happened already. As we have mentioned previously, the 2 biggest reasons we want to do Black Friday early and away from the convention Black Friday is because:

1 - Avoid the crazy rush from all the carriers. During previous Black Fridays, we get a lot more tickets from customers asking where their package is. This will prevent overloading of the carriers and our packages will ship and hopefully deliver on time.

2 - We are still a very small company. In the past Black Fridays, it's all hands on deck and everyone is in the office and warehouse processing orders, answering tickets, shipping packages. Everyone had to start working right after Thanksgiving, and come into office Friday, Saturday, and Sundays if we are still behind. By having the sale now, during Thanksgiving, everyone can enjoy the holidays, and have a nice 4 day weekend without needing to worry about work!

Hopefull everyone can understand, but this will be the way going forward for the forseeable future.

Rather than doing another quiz, which some people liked, but others definitely did not, we will go with our typical comment format. However, we will definitely make another quiz again in the future as we feel that it does help people spend more time learning about ToyDemon!

Speaking of Black Friday, do Amazon Prime Days throughout the year and other big retailers matching Prime Day, ruin Black Friday for you? Esepcially when it's been known that some shops like Amazon and others, will just raise the price first, and then display a huge discount. I have found myself less and less excited about Black Friday and don't really buy things during Black Friday anymore. Let us know what you think!

How to Enter:

1. Have an avatar (build it within your Profile if you haven't already).

2. Have a public wish list of at least 5 items that does not have "Wish List" in its name. (Help others out by naming them and categorizing them accordingly)

3. Upvote this topic, vote in the poll, and answer in comments: "Do events like Prime Day and other big retailer big sales matching it ruin Black Friday for you? Why or Why not?"

You must do all 3 steps listed above to be eligible to win the giveaway.

-$100 in Reward Points to 5 lucky winners!
-Winners will be randomly picked on 11/30/2023

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must sign up for a ToyDemon account in order to post in the community.

Do events like Prime Day and all big retailers trying to out-do one another ruined Black Friday?