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  1. Damn it feels good to be a Demon

    Just as the title says. Kinda like "damn it feels good to be a gangsta" not bragging took over 12 years but honestly I'm just a huge fan of Toydemon! Party on!

  2. Monthly Member Perks

    @**TD** I assumed April was a "one off" but can we expect to see monthly member perks going forward or are you guys cooking up something better for the community? I really look forward to the new month

  3. Alright I'll ask

    @**TD** what's up with the flash sale?

  4. Where is the American innovation

    From my perspective, Japan, Korea, and China have been on the forefront of onaholes. With the gaining popularity (possibly covid effect), I would think that some of these American manufacturers would

  5. Wouldn't be awesome if...

    you could see within your account information how far you are from achieving the next membership tier level? I'd imagine that would motivate me even more (but I'm always motivated) to acquire more goodies!

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  1. Inner Bone Organo Hip

    Material was softer than expected which is great because it's gotta have some jiggle and it does.

    It's 8.2 kg, not gonna address the obvious. Applies to cleaning too. It is what you think but that's never been an issue for me.

    The vaginal and anal holes I found pillowy/low stimulation which is what I desired. I used Onayatsu lotion for context.

    The labia is also a joy to look at.

    The torso portion of the hip is a lot more narrow than the hips in an exaggerated way.

    The bone gimmick is kinda cool, and I only notice the bone frame when in the anal and ofc when picking it up but its subtle imo. Need more time to properly evaluate.

    Overall considering what you're getting (8kg hip, skeleton, quality, etc) at the price point I definitely recommend.

    Visuals, softness, bone-in makes it slightly more easier to tote in comparison to the EPH.

    None at the moment.

  2. Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

    An obvious disclaimer, if you do not have the time or the patience for cleaning and care then this is not for you.

    I own or have owned numerous hips in a range of sizes and weights with the most recent being the "Legendary Erotic Hip Mao Hamasaki, Office Lady Yuzuha, and the Puni Ana DX Kiwami" to name a few. To the latter, I did not leave a review as I did not purchase it here.

    Hips, especially hips in the 5kg (11bs) or over, they have been very strong in a category or two but weak in others. For example, the "Office Lady Yuzuha Nonomiya" was PHENOMENAL in what it sets out to give you which is the sensation of a lotta ass giving it right back to you with each stroke. Unfortunately there are durability issues and unless you want to "jerry-rig" it, it will only serve you for a short time.

    Similar issues with the "Puni Ana DX Kiwami" but I still have her and she's handled with emaculate care despite some tearing which came on sooner than expected.
    It seems to be an issue with weight distribution along with some internal and external material strength and quality.

    Now for the EPH 3rd Gen, NPG has demonstrated to me that they have struck a balance between sensation design, quality, and durability. This ass will give it back to you just like the previously mentioned hip [I still miss her].

    The vaginal hole is less stimulating in comparison to the "Office Lady Yuzuha Nonomiya" and the "Puni Ana DX Kiwami" which is a personal preference in the end. I can either but if I had to choose, The "Office Lady Yuzuha Nonomiya" as a texture that never disappoints.

    This hip does attract and hold random dust/lint than the others so a good powdering will be necessary after the cleanup [unless you prefer sticky tpe].

    Aesthetically, a true piece of eye-candy especially if you decide to place some panties. Just watching the her in action, slamming back all 13 lbs [6kg] of ass right back at you, without the worry of the dual layer tearing inside.

    There is a reason why this toy has 21 [soon to be 22] solid 5 star reviews. If you've been hesitant on getting a hip due to price versus value, this so far seems to be leading the pack in the ona-hip category.

    Exceptional in all phases- experience, aesthetics, quality- and durability

    only if you are in the market for a 1:1 ratio in size as this is misses the mark so slightly.

  3. La Bocca Della Verita Perorin Hard (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    as advertised with one exception, the teeth feel harder or more prevalent than the other iterations. May mod it by removing the top set.

    tight, heavy in stimulation. Good for quickies

    Teething sensation seems to have been taken up a notch, some of y'all may like that

  4. Legendary Erotic Hip Mao Hamasaki

    Price per pound/kilo not bad but the toy itself feels dated. The texture were rather bland, the anal tunnel fairly short, more than what the pic led me to believe.
    Honestly, I should have allocated the money spent on this towards something more premium. Not a bad toy... just not a great toy.

    good intro for those not use to toys being over a couple kilograms

    Its rather plain, like a ham sandwich w/nothing on it.

  5. Office Lady Yuzuha Nonomiya

    In less than a week of ownership, I now have to report that this $250+ toy is now in a black plastic garbage bag headed to the nearest landfill. This hobby and the inherent risk that comes w/ it. I did enjoy (4) sessions w/ it before it's degrading demise.

    As I was done cleaning this hip fresh from a session, I heard light slushing sounds of water come from inside. When I placed the hip on a towel on the floor, she squirted lol! Water came out from tear at the seam on the edges of the flat (top) part and as you know, from there it just kept opening apart, revealing all of its interal glob [Imagine the top portion of the hip like a lid on a can after using a can opener].

    Did some research on this product (Japanese reviews, sites) where a small percentage of customers had this issue or similar so maybe I just pulled dud, idk but that's a good piece of coinage down the drain. I did see some other reviews of other hips such as the" 5.7kg Puni Ana" hip and the "Hobomeko" tearing at the top torso seams so it may be an issue w/6kg plus hips, idk.

    It's truly a beautiful product (+1 star)

    Obviously the durability/QA issues in production, each screw session ended up costing me $62.50, that's expensive masturbating! (-4 stars)

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