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  1. Looking for a hip toy with an extremely soft interior

    So I've been almost exclusively using the Tomax Rich Real Soft for the past few months, and as a result the hip toys that I used to like using (HOBOMEKO and EPH3) are now too stimulating to be enjoyable.

  2. Is the lube that comes with the EPH3 sold on its own?
    This is the toy I'm referring to. If it isn't available to buy on its own, is there another lube

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  1. Delltoro Omega Yukyu Slow Masturbation

    I bought this after seeing it recommended by another user on the discussion page, and WOW did it exceed my expectations. This toy completely blew all of the other handheld toys I’ve used out of the water. It’s pretty beefy, very soft, and feels like it’s built to last. Also, I’m not entirely sure why but lube just doesn’t seem to dry out when using this, so you’re able to stroke/thrust as fast as you want without it drying out and ruining the fun. Overall immensely satisfied with this purchase and can’t wait to keep using it!

    +Interesting texture that feels good but isn’t too much
    +Super awesome box art
    +Nice tightness
    +Large size
    +Holds lube like no tomorrow
    +Can enjoy fast strokes/thrusts

    -It is oily upon opening, but a quick wash will get it off

  2. Venus Real Rich Soft

    This is everything I've been looking for in an onahole since I started using them a few years back. Takes a little while to get yourself sensitive enough to appreciate it, but trust me it's worth the effort. Something that makes this toy really special to me is being able to finish without being overstimulated, which is a problem I've encountered with almost every hole I've used thus far. Nothing sucks more than having a great build up ruined by too much stimulation. With this hole though I've had multiple sessions where I keep going right after finishing once and I still don't feel too stimulated. I can't think of another toy that I've been able to do that with and enjoy it.

    +No gimmicks or crazy textures
    +Despite how soft it is, very durable and can withstand a lot
    +Seems to get better every time I use it
    +Holds lube well

    -Gets sticky fast from washing. If that bothers you you'll need to powder it often
    -Oily upon opening, but will go away with washing

  3. Next-Generation Hole Kuu-Sou

    Not what I was expecting at all tbh. I only buy really soft toys and assumed that this one was also in that category, but I was very wrong. I think even if you're not sensitive you'll feel some strong stimulation with this one, and for those that are sensitive like me, it's too much. I really like the shape and design though. Onaholes that don't look anything like a vagina (like TENGA stuff) are awesome and I wish there were more of them.

    +Seems very durable and will probably last a long time

    -Too much stimulation for me
    -Expensive for what you get


    Having tried both this and the EPH3, I can say that I prefer the HOBOMEKO by far. The best thing about this toy is the firmness. While the EPH3's softness allows for its own unique experience, it felt too soft for my purposes, making it difficult to use in certain positions. If you're someone who likes playing around with different positions and want a hip toy that gives you the freedom to do so, this is the one. As for the sensation, it's soft and mild, but still feels amazing. This makes it surprisingly good for edging too! That doesn't mean that you can't also have a more intense experience if you want to though. Due to how firm and well-built this toy is, it can withstand more aggressive play without an issue. My favorite position with this toy is standing doggystyle. 10/10 experience every time would recommend.

    Update: 02/04/2024

    I originally rated this five stars, but after using exclusively soft toys for a while I’ve realized that this toy is way too hard for me to be enjoyable. If you prefer soft toys and want to try a hip I would recommend getting the EPH3 instead. That being said, I still think it’s a great product for what it is, especially when it comes to durability. Even if you’re really going at it it’s very unlikely that you’ll cause a tear. Also because of how firm it is, it is a lot easier to wash and handle than other hip toys, so that’s also a plus.

    +Firmness allows for more versatility compared to other hips
    +Comes with lube and a convenient foam case that is molded to the shape of the toy
    +Fair price for what you get

    -Cleaning, but this is an inherent con of all hip toys
    -The shape could use some work imo

  5. Peace Lotion 360ml

    I've used a few different lubes over the years and stuck with Onatsuyu for a while, but no matter which lube I went with I always ran into the same problem: the smell. Even lubes that are advertised as being odorless still have a faint yet unpleasant smell that really turns me off when using them. This lube however is actually 100% odorless. Even if I try to focus on nothing but the smell I can't smell anything. On top of that, it's better than any other lube I've tried so far. The best part about it is that it's very thick so if you use a small amount and thin it out with water it will go a long way. Would definitely recommend.

    +ACTUALLY odorless
    +The bottle lasts longer than other lubes due to the thickness of the lube
    +Reasonable price
    +Can receive free with coupon code

    -None that I can think of

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