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  1. Looking for an alternative to the meiki bliss lotion (Discontinued/ out of stock).

    So I was going to restock on lube this month and to find out that it seems like the meiki bliss lube ive been using is discontinued. :(

    Im looking for an alternative to the meiki bliss lotion,

  2. How long until you should replace a drying stick?

    How long should a drying stick be used until it should be replaced with a new one? I have been using ToyDemon dry stick for over 3 months now and it still works fine no bad odor or anything. But I would

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  1. Gokujyo Namagoshi Akari Mitani

    This is an amazing hip imo, its my first hip but have used onaholes before and this blows them away. The weight is perfect and adds to the more realistic feel. its quiet and feels great. i get why people like hips now, although cleaning it is more of a pain then the majority of onaholes are, this is worth the price.


    cleaning up hips is a pain in that its heavier to hold up to a sink.

  2. Super Stretch Universal Cock Ring

    something cheep to add to your cart to save you some money on discounts. its fun to have.



  3. Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

    Maybe mine was defective but the entrances glue kind of unglued itself so the 2 layers peeled off. also this toy was so oily after all the washes it still had crazy amounts of traces of oil. for reference if you use demon toys dry stick after one use the dry stick became unusable because it soaked up what ever oils that the toy contained. The few uses i got were pleasant but the quality is just not there. I would say just look for some newer onaholes as the technology for onaholes only keep improving.

    non that i can say

    came apart after a month, oily and ruined your drysticks.

  4. Meiki® Bliss Lotion 250ml

    this has been so far the only lube i use but looking at comments i will try others to compare. So far this lube does what its supposed to do, i like that its unscented and works as intended.

    unscented and dries on you skin with no sticky feel so if you cant get to a shower before bed time.

    dries within 10 minutes so apply more when needed

  5. USB Onahole Warmer

    Although it does warm up the onahole as advertised, it does take some setup and time which when you are in the moment that can be a turn off. If you can plan ahead of time it does add a great feel to the experience. personally i use it every now and then but during the colder seasons its def worth using it there. it takes like 5 to 10 min to heat up the onahole.

    great product to use during the colder seasons

    just takes some time to heat up the onahole well

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