As you guys know, we are using the community as open communication tool directly to you guys. We get feedback and ideas that we can improve upon, but also let you know where we stand and why we do the things we do.

So here we are going to talk about this year's Black Friday:

-Member Early Access

So based on what we're seeing and reading (on reddit, message boards, and other forums), people don't seem to like the Early Access.

On reddit there were misconceptions that our loyalty member levels reset every month and the early access was our way of tricking people into spending money just so they can have first dibs at the deals. Or that we only had 10 items on sale (per the banners) on BF. We are glad in the end those confusions were cleared up but we feel we might need to communicate a little better to our customers.

Obviously members that get the perks are happy with it and probably won't complain about it. But we want to get some live feedback so we can plan next year's BF a little better.

Just so you guys are aware, having early access actually creates more work for us as we need to schedule different groups with different prices on different days. Permit access based on their member level. Even though it's extra work for us, we feel that it rewards the loyal customers that has stayed with us.

So please let us know, should we continue with Member Early Access? Or just open it to everyone at once? (Please let us know in the poll).

-Stock Availability

We are all aware that 2020 hasn't been same year, heck it's the first time we are dealing with a pandemic in our lifetime. We are more than happy to say that rather being affected by COVID, TD is actually doing better (people stay at home, all the time in the world, masturbate!). We are doing the best we can but we can only sell what our manufacturer is able to provide us.

Take for example we had order Tomax products months ago and was hoping that it would get here in time to replenish all the Tomax stock for the BF sale, but it just didn't happen but it looks like it will be ready by end of the week at this point.

Secondly, we can only prepare and plan stock based on the information we have. We order based on previous sales data as any company would. Onaholes that hasn't sold much all year will not be stocked with hundreds just for Black Friday.

We still strongly urge everyone to use their wish list so that we have those data points too and know what is preferred.

Here's our second question, do you buy onaholes from ToyDemon throughout the year? Or do you buy everything at once on Black Friday to last you till the next big sale or Black Friday?

Please let us know your thoughts! (If you would like to help us out even more, please fill out this short form: Black Friday Feedback)

Should we keep Member Early Access for next year's Black Friday?