By now, some of you should have received numerous reward points emails telling you that you have received additional points based on the achievements that your account has accomplished.

As we have talked about before, we have been working on a community achievement system to further reward users that are helpful and have been a loyal customer to ToyDemon. We have asked and received a lot of useful suggestions from the community, though our system won't be perfect, it's just a starting point and we hope to build upon it as we go, so please bear with us and feel free to let us know any problems/issues that you see.

So starting out, the system is pretty basic. It's based on what you have done on and the community. So here are the achievements available and the rewards that come with it:

Achievements Topics Comments Products Reviews Upvotes
Tier 1 / Pts Earned 10 / 300 25 / 250 25 / 300 10 / 300 25 / 500
Tier 2 / Pts Earned 20 / 400 100 / 500 50 / 700 25 / 700 100 / 1500
Tier 3 / Pts Earned 30 / 500 250 / 1250 100 / 1500 50 / 1500 250 / 3000
Tier 4 / Pts Earned 40 / 600 500 / 3000 250 / 2500 100 / 2500 500 / 5000
Tier 5 / Pts Earned 50 / 700 1000 / 5000 500 / 5000 250 / 5000 1000 / 10000

In the table, you can see that we have setup basic tasks that will earn you reward points just based on your activity within the TD community. Those are pretty self explanatory:

Topics = # of Topics Created
Comments = # of Comments Left
Products = # of Different Products Owned
Reviews = # of Reviews Written
Upvotes = # of Upvotes Received
**EDIT: Ppl are confused with the total heart count next to your avatar as upvote. The ❤️ count is a combination of things.

-1 Review = 3 ❤️
-1 Topic = 2 ❤️
-1 Comment = 1 ❤️
-Total of up vs down vote on your content.

Total added together is your current ❤️ count.

The actual upvote achievement is based on total of others users hitting the up/down arrow on your review / topic / comment. Up is +1 while down is -1.**

Each achievement will also have a corresponding badge that goes with it. The badges are pretty simple to understand and will show up next to the user's avatar. You can simply mouse over it to read what the achievement is.

So based on the table, if you received 25 upvotes from others, you will receive 500 Pts and so on. It's fairly simple to understand. Each achievement will come with a corresponding badge which you should already be seeing and it's fairly simple to understand.

There are some basic rules and changes we have made to the community because of the achievement system:

1 - Your account must be active and has a nickname setup. Pretty basic and self-explanatory.

2 - Self upvote has been removed (so that one cannot simply spam and upvote themselves).

3 - If you choose not to display your purchase stats then the "Products" achievement badge will not show up on your account for others to see, however, you'll still receive the rewards from the achievement.

4 - We have also added a badge. This badge means that the person has had their email notification turned off, so if you see that next to a user's avatar that means even if you @ them, they will not get an email notifying them. This is to help you understand that they will not see your message and is unlikely to respond to you.

5 - Please refrain from spamming and abusing the system. No system is perfect, as much as we try to put in guard rails to prevent users from spamming so they can try to game the system. In the end it just results in less rewards for everyone. So please just use the community as you would, we'll be monitoring the rewards to ensure that no one is trying to abuse the system.

Again, this is just us starting out and we'll try our best to add more as we go along. Some might be harder as it requires deeper database access and analysis but we'll keep trying while to make this a positive experience and keeping our website as smooth as we can.

Let comments below and let us know what you think or any issues you're seeing.

Let us know what you think of the achievement system