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  1. A10 Piston Basic

    Oh great, finally the poor-person version of the much-drooled-over piston sa!

    From what I learned:
    1. All A10 Piston SA sleeves are compatible with the Basic.

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  1. Kurouto Hole Hip HD

    The texture is delish - its soft but firm, and definitely can take some boop.

    It is a little more on the smaller hip toy, and the shape means you can't really do anything besides the one intended position.

    Favorite thing is the shape means there's a small 'pool' in front of the entryway and thus you can put the lotion there. This toy is good for people who prefer the sensation of entering and not so much deep long strokes.


    only one position

  2. Gal Zanmai Thick Wrap Blowjob

    Pretty soft and the tongue is excellent. Definitely use the saliva lotion to maximize the intended feel.

    Not a toy for quick session, as it is more of a buildup and enjoy type.

    Good for long session

    Just a little too soft.

  3. Fantasy Girl Jessica /HT-1B

    There's only one hole, and it's located such that no matter how terrible your aim is, you'll get there.

    Pretty firm and the sensation is great. It's just tad too big to hold with 1 hand, and too small to try and position it like a meiki plush. But overall it's a very good addition to the arsenal

    Update: 04/12/2024

    Definitely go with the reasonable-bust size one. I mean, be more realistic guys!

    The sculpting of the abs is perfect, and just to echo the "if only this had an internal frame" sentiment.

    Firm and can't miss

    a bit of an odd size.

  4. Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

    Really, this is needed so you won't get soap-burn from not rinsing out your toys well enough!

    Works as intended


  5. Meiki® Toy Bag Regular

    It's well made and it's pretty nondescript. TD should begin making more storage solutions!



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