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  1. Green checkmark (you've bought this) is missing

    This has been happening to me for a while intermittently. That green checkmark is missing for me on everything. Is there a setting to keep that enabled?

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  1. Full of Happiness Bakunyu Tits

    I have over 20 breast toys, ranging from cheap $70 pairs to the most expensive +$1000 pairs. I have them in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, layers, and colors. These are not the most realistic, or the largest, or the best for paizuri (actually bad for that). But they are the PERFECT pair for using as a side or back sleeping pillow. If you want to live that dream of throwing your pillow out, this is the pair.

    They are almost like water balloons in softness and movement. They have a good amount of give when you press on them, but still have some resistance when enough force is applied - they don't go completely flat or move out of the way with head weight.

    - Perfect pillow replacement

    - Not super realistic

  2. Amane Shiira's Fuwa Puru Oppai

    Both breasts have a deep cavity where the material has deformed and sunken in. In the 20+ pairs of boob toys I own, I've never seen any defect this severe.

    But even if this was a one-off defect, the base is thick (a large amount of the mass goes into the base, not the breasts), the breasts aren't very soft, and it's just generally not a good set. You can do a lot better for $150.

    - Defective
    - Thick base

  3. Busty AiChan Pink

    I don't understand how there are so few reviews for these. Go on any forum where people talk about boob toys, and you will always find a comparison to Busty Ai. They are THE soft oppai toy, and have been for many years. And yet somehow, despite so many years and dozens of other toys being released, they continue to be one of the top and softest toys around.

    No self-respecting oppai collector should be without these. Like seriously, just get a pair. It's like having an onahole collection and not knowing what Tomax's softness options are.

    At this price range, everything else is firmer. These and Pururun Tennen Oppai are similar in softness, but those are double the price. Busty Ai are much closer to a realistic size, but are still a good handful of fun.

    Nipples are a great size, and are fun to play with. The base is thick enough that you don't have to worry about the pair ripping. Just overall a great toy.

    Tomax makes two other boobs. Eve is silicone, so not as soft. The other is Ema, which is also TPE, but three times the size of Ai. For some reason Toy Demon won't sell Ema, which is a shame, because Ai is amazing at her relatively smaller size.

    - The softest ~$200 boobs around!
    - A realistic size and shape

    - Often out of stock

  4. Crimson Attack Pressure Fjord Stampede

    How is this only $35 without a sale?! This is easily one of my favorites in my collection of around a hundred. Get this one. Just do it.

    This is a medium-firmness hole. It's not hard by any means, but it holds its shape without flopping. I suggest a medium-viscosity lube as well, but with the varied textures, you should experiment.

    The red "tongue" strip is definitely the star of the show here. Place it on your underside and it's incredibly stimulating without being too intense. Used in this manner, it's a quick use toy.

    But the magic of this toy is what happens when you rotate it. That texture all but disappears, and you'll get an entirely different experience. Play around with that strip on the side to get some sensation, or on top to get none (from the strip). Because this is a thicker toy with a good amount of material, you get a nice sensation from that force, without it being an overly hard material or a tight hole.

    - Multiple techniques for fast or long sessions
    - Good amount of weight
    - Easily cleanup and drying

    - I didn't discover this hole sooner

  5. Kuu-Sou Ultra Soft One Point

    Do you want just a giant lump of soft to envelop you? This is it. Just over a pound of ultra soft, floppy material. No resistance, no real texture, just the weight and enveloping sensation. If you want to experience that sensation, this does it better than just about everything.

    But it comes with some significant tradeoffs. First, you're gonna need two hands for this. No, really. Because the material is so soft and stretchy, but there's so much of it, if you just let it flop down around you, I'm pretty sure you'll pierce through it just from the weight pulling the material down without support. Placing this on a drying stand is impossible, because it will 100% tear through.

    And oh, is this thing thick with oil. It comes double bagged, and the bottom of the box has multiple layers of cardboard. When cleaning it, there was a shimmer of oil all over the water in my shower. When going to the bathroom to clean up, make sure you have a towel handy, because your doorknob isn't going to be openable with your greased up hands. It's necessary to achieve this much soft, but expect it to firm up as it sheds some oil over time.

    With a medium lube I can't feel any texture at all. Use a very thin lube if you want to feel the inner texture at all.

    - As soft as physics allows
    - Nice artwork
    - The heavy mass works really well with this soft

    - Super oily
    - Two hands necessary

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