So I wanted to keep all the updates and changes within the same topic, but the changes we made today were quite substantial and putting it in the same topic would be too much to read so I decided to make another topic.

So here are the changes:

1. Quick Account and Community Access via Dropdown Menu after logging in:

Quick Account Access

We noticed that it takes a lot of clicks to navigate to your account to check your wish lists, orders, reviews and etc. So we made some change that once you are logged in, you have access to a drop down menu of both Account and Community for quick access.

2. Previously purchased product check mark:

Previously Purchased

This was requested by a few customers and we were finally able to push this update out. As you can see, once you're logged in, on products you have purchased before, there will be a small green check mark next to it to indicate as such. Whether it's on the product page or the category page.

3. Review System Overhaul:

New Review Features
review features

-You can find reviews with comments.
-You can up / down vote the review and the votes are tied to the overall user vote count.
-New "Verified Buyer" display so it's easier to see.
-Subscribe to the review so you will get notified if there are any comments left on the review.
-@user commenting and notification system that's same as the Community. Previously, you won't get notified if you asked a question on a review and the reviewer responds. This way the communication is clear and simple.

Though one thing with this update is that all the older review comments could no longer be kept. We are sorry for this inconvenience but feel this is a necessary change and will work better going forward.

Review Voting Quality Check
Review Quality Check

We have heard complaints about how some reviews don't really help the product and turns away people from trying them. We have made a change so that if a Review hits -5 in its voting, it will be removed from the product's overall rating.

For example, if a product has 2 reviews, 1 @ 5 stars, and 1 @ 1 star, then the product's rating average is 2 reviews @ 3 stars. Few days later that 1 star review reaches -5 in votes. The 1 star review will then be removed from the overall product rating. So instead of the product displaying 2 reviews @3 stars, it will now display 1 review @ 5 stars. The -5 vote review will still remain visible for users to read with a message noting as such, but it won't count towards the overall product rating.

4. Community User Profile Update

Community Profile Update

Some users have mentioned that they would like to see certain user's other reviews because the user's review is very detailed and helpful. With this update you can see what other reviews the user has written that might convince you on a product that you didn't know existed before! (NOTE: I have noticed that we have some bugs within the Reviews Tab and have already notify the developers of these issues. Sorry we didn't catch this earlier but we will try to fix this ASAP. (EDIT: This has been fixed.)

Also under your own profile, you can control subscriptions and comments for community and reviews, or just use the Dropdown Community Menu.


There are more changes still to come that we're working on right now that we hope we can push out in the next few weeks.

Account vote total update based on the following actions:
-Posting a product review increases your vote count by 3.
-Posting a community topic increases your vote count by 2.
-Leaving a community/review comment increases your vote count by 1.
(This has now been updated, most users will be able to see their updated account votes.)

Based on those rules, we will also be doing an achievement like system in that if you reached a certain threshold like 1000 total account votes, or 50 reviews/topics posted, or 100 comments left, your account will be marked as such and we will be giving out free gifts/rewards. This is still being thought through and worked on so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, let us know what you think about these changes! If you encounter any issues, bugs, or have any suggestions, please let us know!