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  1. Website Fixes & Changes 2 (Updated)

    So I wanted to keep all the updates and changes within the same topic, but the changes we made today were quite substantial and putting it in the same topic would be too much to read so I decided to make

  2. New "size" and "circumcised" option in your community profile

    Edit: Circumcised option added.

    So users have mentioned how it would be nice to know size of the reviewer to better make a judgement if the onahole would suit them as well.

  3. Community Topics within Product Pages

    So here we have a new feature update again within the community.

    People have mentioned that they would like to see on the product page if community had discuss this particular item, so we

  4. Community Topic / Comment can now be edited

    We are always checking and listening for criticism and requests and while not everything can be changed, we are doing what we can to evaluate the requests and change for the better if everyone can benefit

  5. Brand New ToyDemon Community Discussion Board!

    Please read about the details in our blog post here.

    Let us know your thoughts or issues in comments below.

  6. Website Fixes & Changes (updates in comments)

    Reading the comments from various users, it seems like there are functions within our website that people actually don't know. So going forward, we will post all the updates and features that we add to

  7. Poll function added!

    So as requested we have added a poll function into the community that people requested.

    Right now, we are just testing it out and will slowly roll out to allow users to use the function.