This question can be answered in a lot of ways, but it came to my head when I saw the Rise of the Dragon Silicone Cock Ring. It's a dragon. Cock ring. So sick, yet I don't think I will ever buy it.

There's so many products that are really enticing conceptually, but may not fit our buying habits.

That was a pretty tame product, but another example would be the Magic Face 2. $200, 6.5 lb, anime girl head sounds like the best investment in the world. But for practical reasons, I'll probably never pull the trigger. Just like I won't pull the trigger on the 106 lb breast toy I saw the other day, no matter how much I desperately need it in my life.

Interested to see if anybody else has any examples of this, for any reason. Price, practicality, etc. I just want to see some crazy products.