Reading the comments from various users, it seems like there are functions within our website that people actually don't know. So going forward, we will post all the updates and features that we add to our website so it's easy for everyone to follow.

Let's start with the changes today on 5/15/2020:

-The wishlist heart icon will display Red if the item is already in your wishlist.

Wishlist Update

This was a request going back to the forum. Some feel that because there's so many products, it's sometimes hard to remember what you have added to your wishlist already. Hopefully this QOL change will make it easier browsing the onaholes or lotions you like.

SIDE NOTE: Remember, when a product in your wishlist becomes lower in price, you will be notified by email.

-Out of Stock Notification

A few users mentioned that it would be nice to know when an item comes back in stock. The function was always there but we realize that it doesn't display well and most people won't see it. So we made the change so that it's easier to see and understand.

out of stock alert

Now when you click on it, you will be notified once the product comes back in stock.

If you have any issues or other requests, email us or let us know below.