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  1. ToyDemon VS OtonaJP

    *The original video is no longer available

  2. The 4th of July sale is only good if you spend a lot of money

    The fact is, unless you are going to spend more than 200 USD, the sale is not really worth it. 10% of 50 USD is 5 USD, and at that point you might as well save the code option and use the free shipping

  3. Why ToyDemon is the best place to buy onaholes if you live in the USA

    What's up you perverts. It's me, ya boy. I would like to start off by saying this. I am not the type of guy to fanboy over anything. I am the type of guy to fanboy over great deals. Let me get started.

  4. Things to consider when choosing to buy a Sex Doll/Torso

    Hello all you perverts. It's me, ya boy, BadDragon69. Known as /u/Bad-Society on Reddit if you want to say what's up. I have spent thousands of dollars on sex toys. I've bought stuff from Fleshlight, Bad

  5. Understanding Onahole/Fleshlight Texturing

    Hello! I am quite experienced when it comes to Fleshlights, Onaholes, Bad Dragon penetrables, and pretty much everything you can put your dick into. It has taken me a while but I have gotten a fairly advanced

  6. Video - Explaining Stimulation or Intensity in Onaholes

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  1. I bought this because I wanted a hip. This was at a good price for the size and weight. It is about 7 pounds. The huge puffy pussy was a big turn on, as was the uterus node ending in the vaginal texture.

    The Vaginal texture is awesome, and the highlight is the ending uterus node texture. It feels awesome, like going into a smaller separate hole. Feels exactly how you'd expect. The anal texture is a bit more boring, and because of the hole being so soft, the asshole doesn't offer much grip.
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    Puffy pussy lips. Soft as soft can be. Easy cleanup. 7 Pounds. Made in Japan. Two holes to play with. Great ending uterus node texture in the vagina. Nice ass to grip onto. Upper part of hip is slightly firmer than the bottom, allowing for better grip and manipulation.

    Anal is not that stimulating. Butthole isn't that tight because of the softness of the toy. Durability is so so (some minor ripping starting to form).

  2. Cleanup: Pretty easy, easier than some detailed onahole textures

    Weight: Very good, the weight was enough to kind of have some resistance and feeling against you.

    Inside Feel: Great, maybe not like a real pussy, but damn it feels great. Very stimulating and super soft, amazing feeling, hard to do edging with, makes you cum fast.

    Outside Feel: Very soft, super nice skin like appearance, the asscheeks are big enough to slap against your balls, which is a HUGE factor for stimulation in my opinion.
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    The ass shape on the body, and the inside feel

    Cleanup/Dry time is average, no complaints really.

  3. Overall really great, not much noise, really nice shaped inside. Ass was just okay, but still fine as a hole. Vagina was waaay better. Soft skin, great packaging, overall great fantasy fufillment, sturdy, usable in multiple positions even on the floor.

    Overall only bad thing was it did dry out slower and took more time to cleanup.

    Price, feel, fantasy play, and construction

    Cleanup/Dry time

  4. Rating

    It is probably the best feeling onahole I own, and it probably feels better than my fleshlights too. The cervix shape at the back really adds something, but the beginning is sooo tight it's insane. Very very good, a bit of a hassle to clean around the cervix area but not too bad.

    Price, feel, fantasy play, and construction

    Cleanup/Dry time

  5. The bag arrives inside of a plastic bag, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the bag itself. The bag itself is quite large, and has a drawstring closure that closes very tightly, but not all the way closed. The bag also is made out of a material that is very breathable. The bag never caused any markings on any of the toys I put inside of the bag. Overall, very high quality bag, and would recommend even for toys that aren't onaholes. Very strong bag as well, I used it to move loose items when I was moving houses!Show more

    Breathable. Durable. Good quality for the cost.

    Has the logo on the bag.

  6. Overall ToyDemon makes great products, however after using this stick in it's intended use for about 5 times, it started to develop black spots on the stick. I highly doubt that it was mold, but I believe it to be oils and such that were left over from using the onahole. I cleaned the toys quite well before using, and still this was the case. It also started to break apart and leave chalk like residue within the onaholes. Not very happy with how it turned out, but it is what it is.

    You can get it free with some ToyDemon orders. It is ToyDemon branded. It is relatively cheap, but still about the same as the other dry sticks. Did the job well before spots started to develop.

    Developed dark spots. Started to break and leave chalky bits in the toys.

  7. Overall I got this because of the box art, it is absolutely great. Also I got it for the tongue, I mean just look at that thing. It's amazing. So when I got it, I was sort of disappointed to find that the material itself really wasn't that amazing. It just did not feel that high quality. Of course, at this price that should be an obvious fact. The tongue was fun to play with for a bit, but it also wasn't very realistic. The back through-hole design also is kind of a flaw in my opinion.Show more

    Cheap. Has huge tongue. Has great box art. Has grip design on the onahole. Has a nose and chin for added fantasy/realism.

    Through-hole design, and the shortness of the onahole cause lube to leak out very easily. Material feels quite cheap. Not much suction. No teeth feel.

  8. This was my first torso purchase. I have had hips before, but I wanted to see if I would like torsos. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a torso. Do you have the space? Do you have an area to clean it up in? (It wont fit in a sink usually!) Do you have the privacy away from people that don't want to see this sort of thing? Just try to think it over.

    So for nearly 300 dollars, the bar was set quite high for what I expected out of this.
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    Probably the best budget torso for the money. Has a great ass. Has internal bone structure to prevent flopping too much. Has boobs that are grabbable. The vagina is realistic, tight, yet not overstimulating. The size is perfect.

    Not very stimulating vagina. Boobs are cheaply made and not bouncy or very nice to look at. Bad quality control (for me personally). No anal options.

  9. It pains me to say this after loving NPG as a company, but the main point to this review is that the product came with two holes in the vaginal canal. I can’t capture the second one but in the attached photos I show the first one. They both tear right through to the anal canal.

    Other than that, this is a great stimulating onahip with two varied holes. Another great product by NPG if not for the damage.

    Review image

    Great simulation

    Great molding

    Varied textures with both holes being amazing

    Good flat back design allowing it to be put down flat on a surface for stability in use.

    Good feel. No bad smells. Comes with bottled lube.

    Very bad durability. Came in the box with two holes in the vaginal canal. First hole shown below in picture.

    Not heavy enough to be pounded hands free. While on flat surface.

    Very thin wall between anal and vaginal canal. (The holes went right through the vaginal canal into the anal canal. The wall separating the two is very very thin.).

  10. Overall this is a well done, made in South Korea mini hip. The build is very top notch. Single layer construction will last you quite a long time.

    It was quite low stimulation and was too small for me to use hands free, so for me it was not a great buy, but overall this is a quality product.

    Small size, easy to clean, single layer construction, made in South Korea, cheap

    Too small to use hands free, loud, low stimulation