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  1. What is the status of being able to revise past reviews (based on further experience and time spent with the product)?

    Hi TD!

    Several months ago you mentioned that "sometime in Spring" we would have the ability to update past product reviews we posted. Any update on this site feature?

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  1. Shadow Silicone Beaded Cock Ring

    All previous rings I have experimented with in my life were too tight for my girth ... which is a real boner killer (and potentially dangerous to your member).

    This cock ring is perfect for my girth (5.2 inch) and has the standoff nubs that make it so you can adjust its orientation to not put pressure on your urethra.

    Hands down, the absolute best ring on the market (as long as you don't have a pencil dick ... in which case the other smaller rings may actually work for you ... [NOT for me]).

    Stand off nubs
    Comfortable for 5 inch plus girths
    The above prevents pain and pinching and boner kill


  2. Losing Virginity After School

    While this one got me off a few times, it just hit the trash can today. Opening fell apart and then multiple leaky holes along the shaft and top (preventing any suction and ultimately leaking jizz like a sieve).

    It is inexpensive, but don't expect it to last (which I found a bit surprising coming from NPG).

    One time fun with the gimmick
    Moderately stimulating

    Durability (fell apart in numerous ways, leaking like a sieve after only a few uses and washings)

  3. Neechan's Sexy Teasing

    For Bang for your Buck, you can't beat this model.

    As I have explained before in my other reviews, what you pay for these onaholes is almost entirely based on weight/amount of TPE in the product (NOT on how good and stimulating the product feels wrapped around your penis). This particular model has an ingenious design with the rib lines you can see in the product photos. These rib lines keep down/minimize the amount of TPE in the product, while simultaneously providing "standoff distance" between your hand and your penis.

    I have used this product 4+ times now, and it is always a whizz bang experience. The product is externally soft and flexible, and the internals are mind blowingly stimulating (and adjustments in alignment/rotation in relation to your penis vary the experience as you go).

    It is tight and snug despite its softness, so be sure to use a good amount of higher viscosity lube (not a super thin lube as that might be the source of the previous reviewer's complaints about supposed abrasiveness ... which I have not experienced). I use a medium viscosity lube in generous amounts with a spray bottle of clean water handy to adjust viscosity as needed.

    For less than $20, this onahole can't be beat for stimulation and fun factor.

    Highly stimulating, yet soft
    Varied stimulation with rotation of the unit
    Erotic opening design
    Highly economical in price
    After 4+ uses, seems durable and like it will last for many more sessions

    After about 2 or 3 uses and washings it will start to get sticky ... time to break out the corn starch

  4. Love Coaster Devil

    I almost rated this one star, but I reserve that rating for holes that just fall apart and disintegrate due to poor manufacturing. This hole is just WAY too loose (and I am not small - 7 inch length with 5.2 inch girth). There is no stimulation because of how floppy and loose and oversized the inside of the hole is. You need to have a horse sized schlong to get anything out of this poorly designed hole.


    No stimulation
    Too loose (unless perhaps you have a massive horse sized dick)

  5. Niketsu Secretary

    Great being able to go between vaginal and oral in a single fap session. Vagina is pretty tight (not as tight as the anal of Cheerleader and Dentist) and stimulating, while the oral end has a nice stimulation with the tongue and throat.

    Both vaginal and oral ends stimulating and different from each other
    Easy to clean

    No suction if that is your be all end all (but I don't much care for massive suction)

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