Bonus GC Purchase Program

Previously, ToyDemon started a turn in program in which you are able to ship back some of your toys that you're no longer using for 10% credit of the product's purchase price. Since then, we have re-evaluated our program based on customers' suggestions, therefore we are going to stop the Turn In Program and replace it with a Bonus GC Purchase Program.

This new Bonus GC Purchase Program allows you to purchase a GC at 50% off! The GC value is calculated on 10% of your previous product purchases!

Example 1:

You had bought a Meiki Plush Doll at $199.95. 10% of the Meiki Plush doll is $19.95, then you can purchase a $19.95 GC at 50% OFF, at the price of $9.98!

Example 2:

You had bought 1x Meiki Plush Doll at $199.95, 1x Meiki Cherry Evolution at $199.95, and 1x Meiki Real with Bliss Lotion at $54.95.

$199.95 + $199.95 + $54.95 = $454.85

10% of $454.85 = $45.49

You can purchase a $45.49 GC at 50% OFF for $22.75

That's it, simple and easy without any hassle. There's nothing for you to ship back.

So how does one submit their previously purchased products for the Bonus GC?

1. You need to have a registered account. If you don't have one already, hurry up and sign up here.

2. You have purchased from within the last 90 Days.

3. Log into your ToyDemon account dashboard and go to "My Returns"


Account Dashboard


4. Click on "Request New Return" and select a previous order from the past 90 days. (Only orders from the past 90 days are eligible)


Request Return


5. Click on items that you want to submit for Bonus GC Purchase and select reason: "Bonus GC Purchase".


Bonus GC Purchase Option


6. Follow through and input the rest of the information and we will receive your GC Bonous Purchase as a RMA request.

7. Once we receive your request, we then send you a PayPal money request to purchase the GC at 50% OFF price.

8. If we don't receive any payment or additional information from you 7 days, we will send you a reminder. If we still do not receive anything in another 7 days, we will then go ahead and close the RMA.


Please note that once you have submitted a product for a Bonus GC, that product will no longer be available to submit for additional RMA issues. Also the Bonus GC is not transferable and can only be used with your account.

We hope that this will be easier for our customers and for their purchases at ToyDemon to be even more worthwhile!

Please contact us if you have any questions!


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