About ToyDemon

Who We Are

ToyDemon is a unique online adult novelty shop established in 2008. Carrying mainly male masturbators and onaholes from Japan, we introduce their distinctive culture of adult leisure to our customers in the United States. Our mission is to carefully select from thousands of the most popular male masturbators and sex toys and provide to our customers the best Asia has to offer.

Our Products

ToyDemon carries masturbators and onaholes that are unique, elegant, and robust. Popular brands that we offer, such as "TENGA", "Meiki", "ToysHeart", "Magic Eyes", "TOMAX", and many many more, are amongst the best in the industry with their progressive design and superior quality. We are committed to bring the latest and best male masturbator products to our customers, and become the premier adult boutique that introduces products from a foreign market to what America has never experienced. Give these male sex toys a try and let us know what you think.

Thoughtful Service

ToyDemon knows you may be skeptical in trying Japanese masturbators, onaholes, and sex toys, that's why we have provided easy-to-understand illustrations, images, and original English description to most of our products. All the information is available on our website, and we will answer any questions and/or concerns that you may still have via email promptly.

Bulk Discount

ToyDemon would like to assist other adult toy shops and retailers in the Americas to expand their male masturbator lineup. We can provide you the right sex toy catered to your customers, and differentiate your shop from your competitors. Please contact us for more information.