Earning Reward Points

Here at ToyDemon, we have always believed in rewarding your customers. After all, a happy customer is a returning customer. With our new site, we present to you the new ToyDemon Reward Points Program.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our old point system, it works a little something like this:

Buy a product and get bonus points based on purchase price. For example, a $100 item will get you 100 points (each point is worth $0.01), which is redeemable for a Gift Certificate.

While it was nice to reward our customers for placing an order, we always felt it wasn't enough. So with the new ToyDemon Reward Points Program, we are going to reward our customers for various things. Read on to find out how you can earn more reward points.


How to Earn Points

Pre-requisite: You must be a registered user and must be logged into your account when order is placed in order to receive points, so sign up if you haven't already!

Below is the break down on how points can be earned on the ToyDemon website:


Placing an Order - At least 3 Reward Points Per $ Spent on Products

When you become a registered user, you become a Bronze member of our new customer loyalty program. For every order you place on ToyDemon that is completed and shipped out, you will receive 3 reward points as a Bronze member for every dollar you spent on products. The more items you purchase, the more points you will accrue for use in the future and brings you closer to the next member level. Points are issued when the order is completely shipped and are calculated base on the points promotion at that time rather than when the order purchased. Please contact us if you have questions about your points earning from an order. (Please note that we cannot apply points from orders that were purchased as a guest)


You can earn up to 8 Points Per $ as a Demon Member! (4 for Silver, 5 for Gold, 6 for Platinum)

Lvl: Action Discount Rewards Perk
Bronze Register 0% 3 Pts/$ N/A
Silver Complete 1 Order 2% 4 Pts/$ 14% off Other Toys / Lotion & Accessories. Perk ends 02/29/2024.
Gold $500.00 Spent 3% 5 Pts/$ 16% off Other Toys / Lotion & Accessories. Perk ends 02/29/2024.
Platinum $2,000.00 Spent 4% 6 Pts/$ 18% off Other Toys / Lotion & Accessories. Perk ends 02/29/2024.
Demon $5,000.00 Spent 5% 8 Pts/$ 20% off Other Toys / Lotion & Accessories. Perk ends 02/29/2024.
Silver & Up Write Review - 100 Pts Limited up to 4 Reviews/Day for max of 400 points.

Writing a Product Review - 100 Points (Max 400 points a day)

Every time you submit a review to ToyDemon.com, we will look over the review to make sure that it is:

1. Not a spam
2. An actual review
3. Verified purchase

We will not alter the review to give it better rating or modify the content to benefit us. We want honest and accurate reviews that could be helpful to others on deciding what to purchase. We don't need one liner reviews telling people that "IT SUCKS!!!" with no further explanation. Once the review is approved, your account will receive 100 points. You can receive up to 400 points per day on writing reviews.

*Please note that you can only submit one review per purchased product.

**Due to excessive abuse by some users, only reviews on verified purchases will receive points going forward.



How to Redeem the Points

Redeeming points in our new Reward Points Program is easier than ever! As long as you are signed in and have points in your account, you will be given a choice to spend your points in the side cart that slides out. Simply choose to apply your points and all points will be applied to the order.


Point Expiration

Reward Points will expire in 365 days if not used. However, only points that were gained in that certain transaction will expire, not your total reward points balance.

For example:

10 days ago you placed and completed your order and received 50 points. Today, you write a review and received 100 points. Your Reward Points balance is now at 150 points. The 50 points you received for completing the order will expire in 355 days since 10 days have already passed. The 100 points that you received from the review today is still valid for 365 days.

Please use your points before they expire. We will not reinstate points that have expired.

*ToyDemon reserves the right to take away any points or delete your account without notice if we feel that an account has been abusing or spamming in order to receive extra reward points.