Of course I know how to "use them", but what I mean is, "Which is best for edging/long sessions, and which is the most stimulating/orgasm quickest?" They are as follows...

1.) Julia +

2.) Venus Real (Regular)

3.) Lolinco Virgo (regular)

4,) Niku-Man 2200 (the fat, double hole Ona. Does it count as a Hip or no?"

I wanna start with whichever is best for long sessions, and work my way from there to the one that ends with a BANG (whichever leads to quickest and/or most fulfilling orgasm). I've only been using Onaholes for a couple months now and this is my 1st post (have done a few reviews so far though), so am seeking some further info on these toys in particular. What are your personal experiences? Yay or nay on 1 or all, and why? What's your favorite lube? Thank you for whoever takes the time to answer :)