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I’ve written a general guide on onahole (from now on referred to toy) cleaning/preparation/use/etc after around two years of experience. I didn’t learn the most important aspects until finding Toy Demon, and as they say, practice makes permanent. Things got much better after correcting a few factors.

I first go into the history of how I started and came about properly handling toys. Then I go into cleaning, maintenance, and using. The last few sections are on miscellaneous topics.

I wrote this in hopes it may save others from committing the same mistakes or/and end up improving their experience if they’ve developed bad habits. There’s certainly advice out there but they’re all spread far over many sources and there’s nothing which sums many important aspects into one topic and binds them together.

1. History

I lived in Japan for about two years.
One day in my first month, I was walking around Nipponbashi Denden Town with my friends and saw a huge ad on the building for TENGA (the ad, which featured some guy holding one of the TENGA products with a very serious face, spanned the whole 40 story building) which triggered my curiosity. I remembered hearing about “onahole” in various media such as visual novels/doujinshi/etc. I honestly thought it was just some prankster toy or gimmick/joke.
Upon reading various sources, these things were supposed to feel great, even better than your hand or the real deal. So, why not?

I ended up shopping around Amazon JP which pretty much has all the toys you can think of and at 50%, 35%, and even 25% the price you can find it on Toy Demon (for the same toy). I flocked towards the one with the most reviews and for one reason or another, Toys Heart had the most reviews.
I ended up buying Toys Heart 17 Bordeaux as it was the most recommended for first timers.
Note: Later on it turns out Toys Heart combined all their reviews into one page listing several toys as options. Amazon JP caught this and removed that page, making them start all over for their reviews on each toy.

I made every mistake you can possibly think of when first using this toy. I did not clean it before first use, I emptied the whole sample lubricant (12 mL) into the toy on first try, I did not properly create a vacuum when inserting my member, and did not clear any air bubbles. My movements were awful and awkward.

The experience was a disaster. I didn’t feel ANYTHING and had an extremely hard time finishing up. It didn’t even really feel that good during release. Afterwards, I was disappointed, angry, depressed, and confused. This was just like my first time having sex! At least I knew how to properly clean the toy and bought a drying stick alongside as it was recommended. Also did not use a towel to dry the outside or drying powder so as you can imagine the toy became really sticky and tacky after first use, and became even worse with consecutive uses afterwards. The outside and inside texture eventually degraded so badly that I had to throw it away after a year of use.

After the first time, I researched like crazy what went wrong (just like after my first sex experience!) and eventually learned really good habits which allowed me to fix many factors and guided me to one of the most explosive climax of my life one night. If you manage everything well, toys feel great!

On my second year in Japan I ordered Toys Heart Seventeen Alpha (2020). This was OK and the gimmick felt good but didn’t last, maybe 3-4 months until the pipe gimmick broke. I took a break from toys after that for a few months. I eventually tried out different products from TENGA but was not impressed. I tried one more from Toys Heart called “ジンコウカクセイ トイズハート カズノコヒダと吸い付き密着の人工覚醒少女” but was way too small for me. Seems like it’s been discontinued completely (along with Alpha).

Before returning to the states, I became frantic in where to order toys since I obviously can’t use Amazon JP. Other sites did charge a nice price for the toys but then slapped on $30-$40 and 1-2 month ship time. Or buy a bunch of toys for a total of $200 for free shipping etc etc.

This is where I found Toy Demon and their guides on properly cleaning/maintaining toys. This also lead me to other sources on maintaining vacuum, how to properly use the drying stick, how to clean the drying stick to last much longer, using towels, etc. I mostly just stuck to Amazon JP reviews back then which was a big mistake.

I bought a bunch of toys from Amazon JP based off some Toy Demon reviews and shoved them in my luggage before returning to the states. I was 100 g off from being charged over half my plane fare HA!

1. First Time Cleaning

Have you noticed all the warnings on Toy Demon to make sure and thoroughly clean the toy before first use? DO IT! Do you value mini-me? Would you stick it in a random hole on the streets or wilderness?
I use the Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner to spray the inside hole while holding the toy horizontally. I then rest it vertically on something and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Afterwards, I spray the outside of the toy and wash both the inside and outside with lukewarm water. Dry with a heavy towel after. Do not let it sit out to dry by itself for both the outside and inside. Use a drying stick to dry the inside. When the inside is completely dry, apply a drying powder made of corn starch on the outside then wrap the toy with a clean towel. This keeps it clean and protects it from dust/dirt/etc.

2. After Use Cleaning

More or less the same as above minus the Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Just make sure to clean the inside well as you do not want the lubricant(s) to get on the drying stick.

3. Towels

Dry your toy with a towel after washing. I have towels pretty much dedicated to toys. I just roll the toy around on top of the towel and dip the entrance and back into the towel.

4. Drying Stick

While the drying stick is inside the toy, roll the toy around between your hands. Take out the drying stick and whip it around or/and wipe off the residual water off with a finger. Put the drying stick back in the toy and roll it around between hands. Repeat until the inside is completely dry.

DO NOT leave the drying stick inside the toy. The inside is not meant to have something like that sitting and stretching/smashing everything out for a short/long period of time. It will quicken the degradation of the textures/designs.

Rinse the stick off after finished and set it out to dry.

I have hard water so mineral deposits build on the surface of the stick. Others may find residual lubricant that has been permanently fused to the stick and it no longer dries well.

Use 240 grit sandpaper, then a 320 grit sanding sponge to get all that stuff off. Either rinse or wipe off the leftovers with microfiber cloth when done.

5. Drying Powder

STAY AWAY FROM TALCUM! Use drying powders that only have corn starch and maybe something else to add aroma but be careful as the ingredients to make it smell nice may be harmful as well.

Drying powders are to prevent your toy from getting really stick/tacky and attract dust/dirt/etc. It also slows down deterioration.
Make sure to wear a mask when applying the powder. This stuff can cause respiratory problems and there are studies showing you can develop lung disease/cancer from excess inhalation.

I angle the toy so the entrance faces downwards to prevent powder from leaking inside. DO NOT let any powder get inside the toy. You do not want you member rubbing against this stuff.
I usually use two fingers to spread the powder over an area after shaking some off on the toy.

After applying the powder over all areas of the toy, it should feel really nice, smooth, and soft.

Once cleaning is done (towel/drying stick/drying powder) wrap the towel around the toy and store in a dry place. This protects it and keeps it dry.

6. Cleaning/Maintaining/Storing

If you take the time to properly clean/maintain your toy, then it will last longer, and feel good for longer. You will also save more $$$ by buying less replacements (who are we kidding, all of us are buying more than we can handle and have a huge backlog, hmmm???).

I keep the boxes for all the toys that I will eventually use later. I leave one that I’m mainly using wrapped in a towel while the rest go in their respective box. This keeps things organized and keeps the toys away from dust/dirt/lint/etc when not in use. I also wrap the boxes in grocery bags to hide them from any unwanted attention ^_^.

Below is how to properly prepare and use the toy.

7. Inject Your Lubricant (no, not what you think)

I’ve seen instructions to try and lubricate your toy by kind of pouring the lubricant directly from the 12 mL sample or lubricant container into the entrance. Then use suction and try to spread the lubricant to the insides of the toy from there. These instructions come on the box of many toys.


I use two blunt tip syringes. One is for the lubricant, the other is for water in case I need to thin out the mixture. Sometimes the sample that comes with the toy is too thick and needs water.

What I usually do is siphon out 1-2 mL of the lubricant with the syringe, plunge the tip as deep as it can go into the toy, and drain the lubricant out while maintaining a helix type circular motion on the edge of the tunnel and slowly retreat. I then massage and squeeze the toy. This uniformly spreads the lubricant through all areas of the toy and it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in the performance for the better.

This also lets you precisely measure and apply the perfect amount as each toy requires different volume. Too less and the textures will feel very rough, potentially irritating and damaging your member, too much and you won’t be able to feel anything. At least this way you can kind of track how much made the toy feel the best. Can you imagine trying this with a large container like Toys Heart OnaTsuyu???

Afterwards, take the syringe and siphon/drain the leftover lubricant with hot water in the sink to clean it out. I usually do this right after massaging the lubricant in the toy. So while the lubricant kind of settles in the tunnel, I clean out the syringe.

The above made every toy feel MUCH better for me after discovering this method. Just pouring directly through the entrance ended up with one big blob of lubricant that slowly travels down the tunnel and eventually accumulating at the end. Again, this blob remains a blob until reaching the end. There is an uneven spread with not much on the tunnel and most of it accumulating at the end.

Of course you can start squeezing and massaging if this big blog is in the middle of the tunnel, but then most of the lubricant will remain there and would have a pretty uneven spread of the stuff throughout the whole toy.

Another advantage is that the outside entrance of the toy remains dry. I know some say that you need to lubricate the outside entrance to make insertion easier and avoid ripping the mouth, but I disagree completely. In my experience, this does not improve insertion at all.
In fact, having a dry outside entrance is paramount to creating and maintaining good vacuum. I find that if the entrance is lubricated, it’s easy for air to leak in and lubricant to leak out. With a dry entrance and proper vacuum, the inner entrance is very snug on your member, practically becoming a soft cock ring.

8. Vacuum Management

Properly maintaining vacuum (suction strength) is as important as applying the lubricant. If there’s no vacuum, then the inside pressure will push against your member and really dull out the sensations of the textures. It will feel like the toy will jump right off if you release your grip. It can also make things messy by leaking out the lubricant. Creating the proper vacuum also turns the entrance of the toy into a soft cock ring, vastly improving the experience.

When inserting your member, maintain a tight grip on the end of the toy. Upon reaching the end with the head, release the grip while continuing to insert. The vacuum should suck your head right into the uterus(end) part.
You’ll need to squeeze out the air bubbles by alternating a finger lock of both hands. By finger lock, I mean making the OK sign with your hand and clamping down. Make the same sign with the other hand and clamp down and alternate towards the entrance. This should massage out the air bubbles and you should really FEEL the vacuum be created in the rest of the toy. It really does make a difference.
How you know if you’ve done this correctly is obviously the feeling, the textures become much more pronounced, but also… You will hear certain sounds come out of the entrance when these air bubbles escape. Trust me, you will know when you hear them…

I’m sure others have found other methods to properly create vacuum/suction with these toys which really works for them. Try different things that best works for you. Just remember, you should really feel the difference between no(bad) or light/medium/strong(good) vacuum.

9. Speed/Positioning/Sessions

This entirely depends on the individual and the toy itself, but I find that maintaining constant speed works best. Sporadic or random speeds with changing acceleration kind of interrupts the flow. Where you place your hand and how you grip is also important, You will need to try different things with different toys.

I find that the longer the session, the better the release. Which brings us to the next section.

10. Low/Medium/High Stimulation

Low stimulation provides the best experience with longer sessions. And as the above stated, the longer the session, the better the release. Also, WHEN you release, the stimulation does not become overly intense and thus killing your euphoria. This level is mainly for a smooth and gentle ride within the whole act.

Medium stimulation will allow for mid-sized sessions. You won’t get off right away however you risk developing death grip syndrome if you aim for long sessions. You may also end up with a very irritated member, or rash, or damage, etc. This depends on the individual, but mid-tier stimulation may very well kill off your euphoria during release as your brain shuts off nerves to the member as a self defense mechanism against over stimulation. Or you may get an even more intense release than long session low stimulation toys if you can stand it. This level will give a good feeling throughout the whole ride with the possibility of an explosive climax.

High stimulation is when your want to get off your rocks quickly and efficiently. Short sessions, 5-20 minutes maybe (to me long sessions go into 2-4 hours, medium maybe an hour, individual miles vary). If you go for medium sessions then you REALLY risk developing death grip syndrome while also breaking your member. For long sessions, call the hospital as your member will most likely develop necrosis (joke, but you get the point).
I find with high stimulation toys, they feel really good during the act, but the release is always a letdown as my member becomes too sensitive and my brain cuts off the feeling of release.

11. Soft/Hard Toys

Just because a toy is labeled as soft does not mean it will have low stimulation and vice versa. There are soft toys which get you off within minutes, and hard toys with (literally) painfully low stimulation. Individual miles may vary, however your member will react to a toy differently than others.
It seems like soft toys are much more popular than hard ones.

12. Cock Rings

Don’t bother. I bought one from Toy Demon before researching into it, and thankfully, I did before using them. They’re supposed to be VERY lightly snug on your member. They are NOT supposed to clamp down on it. The point is to slow down the blood flow, not stop it completely!!!

OK, how about this, take a belt and wrap it around your neck. Now tighten as hard as you can for an hour.
Did you have fun? That’s what you’re doing to your member with most of these rings!

Obviously some severe permanent damage can occur if used incorrectly. I’ve read reports of people becoming completely impotent or partially losing functionary of their member after improper use.

The point in getting one is also null if you properly create good vacuum and resulting suction. As written above, the entrance to the toy actually becomes a soft cock ring in this state. It’s another good reason why the toy feels much better with proper vacuum management. Obviously there won’t be a toy that clamps down on your member and stop the blood flow completely like some of these other rings.
Just observe the color of your member after you’ve finished and pulled out. If it has the same color as if you’ve been strangled then that’s not good as it’s lacking oxygen and dying.

13. Are You Naked???

When I first started using toys, I was in my boxers. My member would pop out from the waist and that’s that. This was very stupid.
It made things messy and dirtied my clothes in case lubricant leaked out, and the outside of the toy would rub furiously with my boxers which would scrap off the material and ended up really degrading an outside section of the toy. There ended up being small scraps of the material all over the place and sticking wherever, a major pain to clean up and kind of gross!

I’m now in my natural born state. I place a towel on the cushion of my PC chair. Side note; I buy separate back and seat cushions instead of replacing the whole chair when its cushions are dead. This is much more cost efficient and easier. I have separate cushions for when I’m in my normal clothes, and when it’s time to spend some good quality time with my toys.

It’s simply better this way as there’s nothing rubbing against the toy except for mini-me.
Lubricants never leak out nowadays after improving my methods/techniques, but in case it does, the towel catches anything. These towels are used separately than the ones for drying the toys.
It’s just much cleaner this way and I don’ have to worry about a mess or scrapping off the material. I can just go at it with no worries.

14. Regeneration Rate

You need time to allow your body to heal. Going at it like a monkey 11 times per day won’t give you the best experience, and you’ll just needlessly degrade the toy. So, you can go at it 11 times per day and experience seriously subpar euphoria, or allow your body to regenerate so you can have a pretty decent experience for the day. You’ll also have an easier time to create and maintain a hard member. Some toys require you to be hard as a rock to enter and keep in.
Think of it like taking 11 small drops of your favorite drink, or having the whole drink itself in one sitting.
Give your body time to heal up.

15. Physical/Mental State

If you’re afflicted with some physical/mental ailment, then the toy won’t help. It’s like an amplifier, it multiplies your experience by a certain amount, but if your base is zero, then it multiplies it by zero. Do you have erectile dysfunction? Does it hurt when you release? Are you really out of shape? Eating really unhealthy? Feeling lousy? The toy won’t help. You’ll just become frustrated and blame the toy isn’t doing what it’s designed to do. At this stage, your base is -1 so it will amplify any negativity.

Your mood is really important too. If you’re in a really bad mood, depressed, in a very stressful situation, experiencing a huge amount of anxiety, or any other negative emotions, then you won’t be having a fun time. On the other hand if you’re in top physical condition, exercising appropriately, having a great day and generally happy, you’ll have fun.

16. Choosing Your Mate

I can’t really speak much on this subject since I’m only one size, but generally you need to look at the inner length of the toy and kind of match it with your member. If it’s too short, you run the risk of popping off the top quickly unless you have good self-control. Everyone reacts differently to the texture/designs of the toy, so take reviews with some salt. The user may also not be using these toys effectively. On the other hand, if a user claims it’s the best thing in the world, you may not like the same toy in the end. With time, if you remember what type of structures you like and what kind you don’t, you can start guessing if the next toy will be to your liking.

There are also toys with strange gimmicks which user reviews have some hold on. If there’s some stupid gimmick like multiple holes, moving parts, claiming that the toy evolves to your member, etc etc, I would mostly like avoid or pay special close attention to how users rate that gimmick. More often than not, it’s a farce.

17. How I Review

I’ll give the toy as much time as it takes me to go through it’s sample lubricant of usually 12 mL. My average is usually 1 mL per session so that could be 2 weeks to 1 month. I take into account how well the sample lubricant does with the toy because I’m assuming they were designed for each-other.
I’ll avoid giving any details on the inside textures because that won’t help the reader. I’ll list any general concerns and just give my overall personal experience with the toy. The review will most likely be short and to the point. I’ll always point readers to this guide so they know how I treat the toys.

I make a small pinhole on the sample lubricant for my blunt tip syringe. At least this way the lubricant’s dry rate slows down. If I take too much time and it becomes dry and thick, I mix it with an equal ratio of water and that usually solves the problem.

I’ll occasionally edit if I notice spots/areas which need fixing or discover something new that should be added. The first few lines lists the date, version, and what/how I edited.

And this is all I have for now. The guide may be long but necessary. If it prevents anyone from making some serious mistakes or improves others’ experience then it was worth taking the time to write!

Good luck!