This clearly needs to be said because I keep seeing fools putting this in their onahole reviews. There is literally no reason to ever turn an onahole inside out with the exception that the onahole’s texture is on the outside and it’s literally made to be used inside out like the Tenga 3D. To clean an onahole literally all you have to do is finger out the cum and lube while rinsing. It’s that simple you don’t need to literally look at it to know it’s clean. If you want to deep clean your onahole it’s just as simple if not simpler. Pour some hydrogen peroxide inside of the onahole,pinch the entrance shut shake well. The foam you see when doing that will literally get into all those little crevasses you can’t see without the need to ruin your onahole. You can also finger iso alcohol into it if you feel you need to it will evaporate. Do not use your onahole until it dose or it will feel like putting a icy hot in your urethra which isn’t fun. These two techniques also work to remove strange smells from old onahole’s. Though if you’re worried you need to toss your onahole you can soak it in sandwich bags filled with either chemical for an hour rinse and let soak in the other. Do not mix the chemicals it’s not dangerous there’s just no point. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. Do not let some fool trick you into destroying your onahole because some youtuber that gets his onaholes, and never uses it after the review says it’s a good idea.