I see a lot topics start up regarding which is the best hip to buy. As an avid ashman and someone who spent a lot of time researching what hips to buy for myself I thought I'd break down the factors and categories one must consider/prioritize when looking for a hip/ass. Everyone has different tastes and needs and situations (in regards to cleaning/storing larger vs smaller hips). So I understand it isn't a one size fits all kinda thing but hopefully this will help guys make the best decision they can on buying one. A lot of this advice could probably transfer over to torsos as well but for now I'm focusing on hips.

With any Hip/Ass purchase I feel one should look primarily at 6 categories or the 6 "S's":

1- Savings- i.e. Cost- simple- what's your budget ideally and what's your ceiling. A lot of minis will start as low as $80ish around the same price as a pricey Ona. And it can climb to what I consider the average price of $200-$300, and then some get crazy going into the mid-high 100's. If you go all the way into custom dollmaker extreme oversized hips then you could be in the 4digit range.

2- Size - You want it 1:1 scale to a real woman (harder to come by then you think) if so a 34" hip? a 36"? or really meaty BBW? or are you willing to live with it being close to 1:1? Say 80% real scale or do you want it undersized for easy cleaning/storage/weight use? (also bear in mind the stated weight and be honest with how strong you are)

Cold truth: Unlike breast toys, most Japanese hips/asses tend to be undersized- either full on 50% mini hips or like semi close to foo your brain but still about 10-20% too small for a real woman. I always assumed this was because Japanese women were smaller than American Women (I looked up stats here though and that's not really true) or they were hedging bets on weight vs cost vs ease of cleaning on these things. Kind of annoying- imagine if they often made breast toys 10-20% undersized!

Anyway most guys seem satisfied with these 'close enough" 1:1 scale toys. Best way to know is to look at the width measurement (or the middle measurement of the three as sometimes they mislabel the width). For true life size, rule of thumb, you ideally want 12.5-14.5 inches width range. 12" bare minimum. Anything less and you're in 10% less category.

If you want the biggest size then American Hips are the way to go. The Fuck Me Silly, Fuck Me Silly Bubble Butt, The Cyberskin Perfect Ass, the various Porn Star 'cheeks' style asses like the Bree Olsen or Carmen Luvana, or the Zero Tolerance Kendra Lust Ass Stroker- all fit the bill on size..... but like most American toys the internal tunnels look lame. Simple ribs and waves - nothing to compete with the Japanese.

True 1:1 scale in a Japanese hip is actually fairly rare. Mini hips aside, Most other hips fall in the 9"-11" wide range. Without going to full on doll makers or speciality custom sex toy shops, where the cost goes way up, IMHO you're looking at:
The NPG Miracle Angel Hip- essentially a Fuck Me Silly knock off but with Japanese internal tunnels. But it IS big - about 13.8" wide. Main drawback- High cost.
The KMP Minami Sensational Ass - Modeled after the Cyberskin Perfect Ass to my eye, but huge at 14+ inches wide. Main downfall- has an undershell so hard, almost no soft squeeze. Sounds like fucking a large rock. Eh.
The Selfish Akarris Buttocks 12.6" wide, in real life it practically 13", super soft and jiggly.
There's also the Tantaly hips- Which vary but generally look 1:1 scale (12"-19" range). And there's the Narumi Thicc Ass Hip which is like 19" wide.

Other Hips that on unboxing do seem 1:1 scale but pics and measurements say they might still be a little undersized:
The Wajiri Hip, The Maga Kore/Maji Hada Imai Kaho Hip by KMP.
The Maga Kore Mesudechi Ass by KMP is tricky too - Stats say it's 1:1 but this is deceiving, in person I could see the width is based on the spread out thighs, not the actual ass which is about in line with the slightly undersized region of the EPH 3rd Gen. So it's not 13 but actually around 11" inches wide.

3- Sexiness/Sculpt- How much of an assman are you? You want to look at it from across the room and go 'damn, that's a fine ass' or just something that will look good enough and feel good enough during play? You want a realistic ass or a cartoony ass? Gotta know what turn you on. And honestly if the sexier hip between 2 or 3 you're eyeing is a little more damage to the wallet- save up and do it. You'll be happier in the long run.

4-Softness - How important is the squeeze? You want supreme softness and good jiggle on the bounce back? or just a firm squeeze like a yoga/pilates ass? Or are you ok with virtually NO squeeze? A good looking butt can be ruined if it's too hard to enjoy grabbing.

5-Stimulation - Most hips are med to low stimulation in the vaginal and anal tunnels. This is probably to err to realism and to try and please a wider range of guys. There are some exceptions and obviously any guy wants it to feel good but do you want need higher stimulation? are you ok with low? Look hard at reviews and the tunnel designs to get the best insight.

6- Style. There's about 6 styles to hips each has their advantages on size/price/use etc. Which style are you after?

Style A: Just the Cheeks. Literally a mold of a girls ass cheeks as if she were sticking her butt through a perfectly shaped hole in a coffee table allowing access to her vagina. You can squeeze and fuck it but only what you see coming u through that table. Mostly this is a US style based on porn stars like Bree Olsen, Carmen Luvana or Heather Vandeven. Often these have straight opened ended tunnels for easier cleaning too. Life size, but boring looking tunnels, and an ass without a little context (Lower back/thighs) can get weird. I only know of one Japanese make like this (The Nama-Shiri Pure Ass Onahole) but it's not listening don TD so try special order if interested in this style and want a Japanese designed tunnel. The fact these aren't made much in Japan and they seem to get outsold by the other type tells me these aren't as popular. Only good for K9.... MAYBE RCG.

Style B: The 3d Hip. Basically a butt with anal and vaginal tunnels with lower abdomen and lower back. NO Thighs. But all the way around. Nothing flat here except the top. Probably the most popular style Japan makes. Great for versatility, can be used in ANY position. Usually very soft with good bounce. Almost always undersized to some degree, I don't think I've seen one that's true 1:1 scale to a real woman. There's mini hip versions and close but not quite 1:1 scale- common size again is around 9-11" wide. The Extreme Pleasure Hip 3rd Gen, Lilli's Tales Backside, Puni Ana DX Kiwami, Mamma Mia, Office Lady Yuzuha Nonmiya, Hobomeko, Convenience Girl, Meiki Cherry Evolution, Meiki Cherry 2, Obscene Labyrinth, Ultimate Pleasure Hip, Extreme Pleasure Hip Shinsei, etc. are all examples.


Style C: The Prone Bone - Not as common. I've only run across maybe a handful of makes on these, flat bottomed but as described it's an ass sculpted in ready for Prone Bone/Flat Doggy position with decent lower back and upper thigh to boot. The Kokostoy version of the larger Half Hera Hip and it's Mini Hera Hip are pretty good. Sculpt is very sexy, firm on the squeeze but very stimulating tunnels. Only downside, none are true 1:1 scale. Even the "large" one is only about 9.5" wide. If it was bigger it might be my favorite. Naked Factory though has put out a handful of new Prone Bone hips though with the Fantasy Girl Hannah, and Fantasy Girl Trisha.


Style D: Ready for K9 - Probably the most popular style overall. Basically a flat bottomed Hip that is all about presenting that booty Doggy or almost Face-Down-Ass-Up Doggy with tall/long Upper thighs for height and some good lower back to hang onto. Comes in large or small scales, sometimes with sculpted on skirts/pulled aisde panties or micro feet. The FuckMeSilly, FuckMeSilly Bubble butt are the classic example but in the Japanese Market you have the Meiki Pure Hip, Real Angel's Extreme, The Horny AV Actress Eimi Fukada/Frenzy Innocent Ass, The Maga Kore Mesudachi ass, The Miracle Angel Hip, Akarri's Buttocks, S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000, Fantasy Girl Kate BH3M, Fantasy Girl Nicole BH3, Legendary Erotic Hip Mao Hamasaki, and The Extreme Pleasure Hip 4th Gen (though this one is borderline Style E) to name a sampling. There's also cut-down versions (Like the Namajiri Switch, or Virginal Bloom) where it's the same concept only cut off right at the butt cheeks, so you get the positioning/the ass and lower back but no thighs- simply I think as a way to make it cheaper/less volume to maneuver. Or an extreme novelty variety like the Cum in My Ass Please with mini pulled back legs. Pretty versatile in positioning though the flat bottom kinda takes Missionary off the table but most other positions are possible usually. Softness can range from firm to super jiggly and soft.


Style E: The Full Round Ass - A large extreme of the Style D. This is like having just the full round ass of buxom woman bent over. Subtle starts of lower back or upper thighs but's more about presenting a 3/4 full round ass- not quite 3d hip, still flat bottom. Not as common but usually err to realistic. CyberSkin Perfect Ass, The Zero Tolerance Kendra Lust Life Size Ass Stroker and the Minami Sensational Ass/Maga Kore Minami Bakujiri Hole are best examples.


Style F: The Lower Torso- Basically a hybrid of the Ready for K9 and the 3d hip. You're getting literally the lower half of a torso in with micro form of 1:1 Scale form. Lower Back/Abdomen below ribcage, ass, pussy, anal, and 1/2 long thighs. Positioned for easy access in pretty much any position. This used to be the domain of doll makers, like a little sideline they would do in torso and hips like this but you'd usually pay 500--800 possibly more. This was the only way you'd get a true enamors BBW ass/hip like the R3 Gold or the Seductive MidnightCandyShop hips that are like 2-3 feet wide! Now other manufacturers are getting in on this like Narumi Thicc Ass or the Tantaly hips. These Tantaly hips from pics, videos and reviews look pretty amazing checking off nearly all of the 6 boxes above well and being lower torso style full scale hips for less than $300 which is frankly amazing. Other examples would be Do You Like Perfect Hip Girl?, and Obcenne Suggestion Goku Supreme.


Bonus Style G: The Front-Only or ready for Mish-Only. To be a completist in the hip area one must also count the non-ass, ready for Mish hip that is flat backed and intended purely to mimic a woman's spread crotch/hips in ready for mish. Pussy, spread thighs, lower abdomen. That's about it. Not for ass men- basically it's an Ona acting as it's own mount for fans free. I say if you want to simulate Mish you're better investing in a plush torso and using your fav ona with it than taking a chance on a more expensive hip that source disappoint in the tunnel design. Examples: Naked Factory Fantasy Girl Scarlett, Fantasy Girl Laura, Cute Buttocks Kizuna Sakura, Big Hip Samanda, The Zero Tolerance Kendra Lust Life Size Vagina Stroker and the Maga Kore Minami Tsuyagoshi Hole


Personal experience/recommendations: I've owned 6 hips so far (Torsos and full dolls aside). My personal favorite right now is the Akarri's Buttocks. Soft, sexy, reasonably medium stimulating especially with low lube or anal, absolute true 1:1 scale size for a 36" hip woman but it will push your budget. 2nd Favorite is the KMP Mesudachi Ass for sexiness, sculpt, high stimulation and it's lesser weight means easier time in CG. 3rd Favorite is the 1:1 large Half Hera Hip by Kokostoy. Crazy sexy sculpt, pretty stimulating tunnels, pretty versatile for a flat bottom hip. Main drawback is it's not true life size, a bit small for my liking. Runner up would be the Extreme Pleasure Hip 3rd Gen. Fantastic for softness, jiggle and also for best versatility on positions. But tunnel stimulation is on the low side and it's outer sculpt sex appeal is so-so to me. Doesn't turn me on as much like the other three above.

Here's my personal breakdown of what I have experienced:
Best Soft Jiggle: Akarris Buttocks (Close second EPH 3rd Gen)
Best Sculpt: KMP Mesudachi Ass. The 1:1 Half Hera Hip Close Second.
Best Size (1:1 Scale): Akarris Buttocks- equivalent to a 36" or so hip woman.
Best Internal Stimulation: MesuDeshi Ass is the most stimulating. The Kokostoys 1:1 Half Hera Hip is a close second. The Akarris Buttocks is third, but a good medium/longer sessions and Anal is lot stronger if you want a quicker release.
Best Durability: Most have held up ok surprisingly. The EPH Gen 1 suffered the worst here. It tore up as bad as most single layer Meikis. The Akarri Buttocks impresses me most because no tears at all and it's super soft.

Hope this helps those out there deciding on a Hip toy. If you have further questions, additional insights or comments please comment.