As I decide what my next purchase will be I find myself debating the merits of quality versus quantity. Now, I'm a bargain hunter and I love to get a good deal, but at the end of the day I will pay good money for a high quality product that will serve me well for a long time. However, I'm new to the onahole world and only have two (a Rail Girl and a Reluxe Cup). So I also want to balance my desire for quality against being able to experience a variety of different kinds of toys. Single or double layer? Soft or hard? Fantasy or realistic? Vaginal, oral, or anal? There are so many possibilities, and the only way to know which is right for me is to try them. Buying something expensive is a risk; what if it's not the right style for me? I have a limited toy budget, if I spend it all on one thing and it's a dud, then I'm stuck with it.

So tell me, how do you approach your purchases? Do you take the shotgun approach, buying a bunch of different, inexpensive items? Or do you dig deep into the reviews and descriptions to try and target the perfect fit? Or do you have so much disposable income that it doesn't even matter, you just buy everything (and if so, wanna buy something for the rest of us??)