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    Nana Rippling is quite the unusual onahole with its groovy waves both interior and exterior. Although it is advertised as a soft type onahole, the material feels closer to a normal hardness when compared to the other soft toys out in the market. There is a good amount of meat on the walls to justify the price point. One of the major issues with Nana Rippling's design is that it has a lot of leakage during use. Another issue, although based on personal taste, is that the sensation from the rippled walls feels more of a distraction rather than being pleasurable.Show more

    Quality material for the price.

    Very messy!

  2. Luluka's onahole is based on a Japanese eroge titled Amazing Kingdom Builder (素晴らしき国家の築き方) which was totally unknown to me at the time of purchase. I am not sure if this is a cross promotion or a product licensed for the game, but the catgirl maid caught my attention.

    Packaging for the product is bare minimum with only the toy wrapped in durable plastic and a sample lotion with no clamshell casing to safely secure the toy. While this is not an issue of damaging the goods, the lack of a shell increases the risk of the box crushing from weight or shipment which may be something to think about if you are the type that likes to collect the box.
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    Excellent material quality.

    Entry point is too tight.

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    Silky Lube by Tomax has a thin consistency with a high viscosity and is a surprisingly good lotion for the price value.

    The bottle has a screw cap and a short nozzle for dispensing lotion onto your toy without spillage. I immediately noticed that the bottle is made of some tough plastic which makes it a bit difficult to pour out, requiring greater strength than usual to get the lotion out. This is not a major concern, but it is a bit of an inconvenience.
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    Does not get sticky when dried.

    Bottle is quite stiff.

  4. Innocence Mujyaki by Hot Powers is an interesting toy which caught my attention with its minimalist design on the box depicting two girls in floral attire acting, well, innocent.

    Taking the toy out of its packaging, there was an easily apparent greasy feel to the material with an odor so mild that it could only be noticed up close. Firmness is as the product page states with it being not too soft and not too firm. There were noticeable fabrication defects of air bubbles on the outer design which ate away some of the shape.
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    Outer design allows for easy ring fits.

    Some creativity is required to maximize the stimulation.

  5. Soft Vagina Returns is a new variant of their previous onahole, Vagina Returns, using their Softy Touch material to create a softer version of the previous model. Having missed out on being an early adopter of the original variant and having positive experiences with their Softy Touch material, I decided to give Soft Vagina Returns a try.

    The toy comes in a cardboard box with a sample of Ride's Virgin Lotion. There was no clamshell casing, but the lack of clamshell was not an issue as the toy itself was fit snugly.
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    Softy Touch material works well with the gimmick texture.

    Some effort is needed to keep to onahole straight.

  6. Being my first Magic Eyes purchase and being influenced from good reviews on their past products, I gave La Vie Roses Torofuwa Rose Maiden a try since it is one of their more recent releases. Sad to say, this toy has a fatal flaw.

    The rose gimmick that is meant to be the selling feature of this toy is also the feature that lead to difficulty and frustration as the material of the rose is significantly more hard than the surrounding walls which cause the rose-like entrance to slide away when attempting entry.
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    Pleasurable softness that is borderline addicting.

    Rose gimmick is not well thought out as it makes penetration frustratingly difficult.

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    This scented lotion uses lactone C11, a chemical found in female body odor which Japanese studies have found to boost attractiveness, as its main selling point, and let me tell you, this smells nice. The scent has a low note fragrance that reminds me of fresh flower petals. Compared to the sister C10 variant, this lotion does indeed smell more calming and more mature.

    For the lubricant performance, it certainly performs well. I have tested it on both hard and soft onaholes without getting the feeling of the lotion needing to be thickened or watered down.
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    Elegant, floral, mature fragrance.
    Performs well with varying onahole hardness.

    You don't get to experience much of the fragrance during intended usage. Certainly wish Magic Eyes would create a bottled fragrance of this.

  8. Magic Eyes have certainly done it, they have created a lotion with a fragrance so enticing that it boosts my mood whenever I catch a sniff of it. This lotion uses lactone C10, a chemical found in female body odor which Japanese studies have found to boost attractiveness, as its selling point. The fragrance has a floral, fruity scent with a sharp note similar to fresh peaches. Compared to the sister C11 variant, this lotion smells youthful and uplifting.Show more

    Uplifting scent of youthful, fruity, and floral. A great mood booster!
    Works well on varying onahole hardness.

  9. Kunoichi Inho Chitsu Pero Fuwa くノ一淫法 膣ぺろふわぁ (shortened to Pero Fuwa) is a very soft variant of a previously released onahole which goes by a similar name, Kunoichi Inho Chaotic Vagina Bero くノ一淫法 乱れ膣ベロ. The softness level of Pero Fuwa can be compared to the tenderness of a supple female breast as the material is very jiggly with little resistance to pressure. The gimmick of this toy is to create a rippling, wavy effect along the walls during use. While the toy does succeed in replicating the intended effect, the very soft material causes the stimulation to be quite minimal, which in turn could be beneficial for long sessions.Show more

    Easy to use due to minimal resistance of material.

    Lack of tactile sensation at the end of the hall which can feel unrewarding when bottoming out.

  10. As 2021 is the year of the Ox, I decided to get myself this Cow Girl toy as a way of celebrating the new year. The promotional artwork for Cow Girl is highly appealing with her full bodied figure, which in a way does reflect with how meaty the toy is. The price point may be high, but it justifies the tag for how sturdy the TPE feels and the love it gives back when used slowly.

    Packaging of the toy is of high quality. Cardboard has a nice finish and the contents are securely packaged within a plastic container.
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    Virgin Skin TPE works wonders with feel and durability.
    Interior is well designed, allowing for varying sensations based on stroke depth and toy position.

    Lack of aesthetic leaves room for visual appeal.