There are too many reviewless onaholes on this damn site, and It's impossible that toydemon is just stocking up on dozens of Onaholes that don't sell a single unit until it goes on clearance. I'm sure there are a couple of you that don't buy onaholes that don't have a review and that's good for you plenty of people are like that, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to each and every single person that buys a onahole hate it or like it without a single review and doesn't so much as give it a 1-5 star. I'm not saying you have to review the mouth of truth we get it the thing is dick sucking jesus and it's literally been said hundreds of times. Yet there are plenty of amazing no name holes like the Gloria from Kokos which I personally just got this week and will be dropping a review for once I get out of work. That thing was a bit much at it's original price for me but with all my extra ooint I got that and the armored maiden which now has two new members in the series coming. I haven't opened armored maiden but do plan on getting at least one more if not both in the series just to say I tried them. Help your fellow onabro leave a review, and take a risk if there's only one review and it's bad try it if it looks interesting and give us a second opinion. That is all, now I'm going to make my third order this month because I'm running out of time on my monthly reward point.