Toydemon decided to use Fedex for my order, they also allowed me to pay extra money for 2 day shipping even though Fedex has been completely screwed for weeks now. Of course at the time I didn't know better and even if I did I still wouldn't have known that Toydemon would choose Fedex for shipping because the customer just chooses speed of shipping, we do not actually choose which company will ship it.

My package was supposed to arrive a week ago since I selected 2 day shipping, it's now still sitting in Memphis half way across the country from me with no updates or anything and the delivery date is "pending". Of course no refunds, nothing Toydemon will do about it, nothing Fedex will do about it, they are both dodging responsibility because "muh covid".

I'm making this topic to warn people, be careful because Fedex has still not even come close to recovering, so if Toydemon decides to use them to ship your package, you can expect weeks of delays and at worst you may not even ever get your package. Look it up on the news if you're curious, peoples packages are being delayed for weeks by Fedex because the south of the US got hit with like 4 inches of snow 3 weeks ago.

Be careful with your orders, don't get screwed over like I did. This is the first time I ever had a problem with Toydemon but it's a huge problem and I'm extremely upset, mainly with Fedex but also with Toydemon.