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  1. Any onaholes that DON'T require powdering?

    Hi all, just wondering with some of the three-layer and "next generation artificial skin" onaholes whether or not there are any that don't require regular powdering for maintenance

  2. What toys have you got your eye on?

    Howdy y'all!

    I started a similar topic a few months ago, but I figured I'd ask again. What products are you excited about? What specifically have you loaded in the cart and are waiting to

  3. Help Me Pick My Next Toy (Poll)

    Two new powerhouses just dropped and I'm struggling to choose.

    Eiyo no Meiki Arina Hashimoto

    Kanjuku Meiki Beautiful Wife JULIA

  4. Best Hard Onaholes (Recommendations?)

    Hey all! Been really enjoying the G-19 Reality a ton lately, and been pretty happy with the Lolinco Virgo Premium Hard as well. Really want to buy a couple more like those, but not sure which I should

  5. Looking for Hip Recommendations

    So after trying 7 or so different onaholes and the Meiki Plush Hip, I'd like to experience a hip that is more realistic(?) than using the Meiki Plush Hip. I'd like for it to be bouncy and allow me to hear