I just wanted to share my personal feelings for anyone looking for realism the way I have been. Also the reviews currently don't reflect just how good this is if realism is your goal.
Long journey starting all the way back decades ago and has cost way too much over the years so hopefully this will help some of you who are looking for the same thing I was.

I have tried all the NPG, EPH -3 versions, all the greatest hits starting with Meiki Maria Ozawa all the way through the entire collection from that range, ZXY, YJY, Sarah, etc etc. Also the utensils upper and lower, Black label, Shifuku no Meiki and on.

Tried the Tomax range in rich soft and very soft. Both Venus, muses Arke and kokalo.

Many others.

I bought Shin Meiki no Syoumei 004 from a different shop so I can't leave a 5 star review on the product page but thought this forum review is the next best thing.

The search is over. The new 3 layer is so damn goooooooooood. The way the inside material feels so crazy soft. Like nothing I have felt before. The folds are like actual skin!

For me this, when heated up is practically indistinguishable from women I have been with! Personally this smokes everything else in my collection and is at the absolute top of the collection.

YMMV if you are not into soft/realistic/less stimulation.
But if you love the Tomax Venus line in rich/very soft then do yourself a favor and try it.

If you put it in the Plush hip or doll it becomes more tight and snug and also feels absolutely amazing.
Much more intense but still very real. Highly recommend the plush hip and this over EPH etc.

10/10 will buy it again.