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  1. Looking for first time purchasing advice.

    Im a pretty above average guy(Length and width), and im a big fan of "bottoming out." Doing some quick self measurements, most of the toys I have my eye on, im scared ill just break. Should I resign myself

  2. Where do I start with Hon-Mono?

    This question is probably only for the hardcore G Project fans but I'm hopeful for any input.

    There's 11 different products with the hon-mono gimmick with pretty nondescript names. Which

  3. What's the Most Realistic Anal Onahole? + My Experiences

    What's the most realistic anal toy? I have not experienced the real deal and my current partner does not want to experience it (completely understandable). From the reddit posts I've browsed, there is

  4. Is there another magic eyes ona that has the same blend as Mochiyuki Shiko Hida?

    I fell in love with how soft and squishy Mochiyuki Shiko Hida is and after the disappointing experience of the standard lolinco I wondered if the premium soft version of the virgo used the same tpe blend

  5. Julia Onaholes

    I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the Julia onaholes. I have the Julia+ and so far I am enjoying it and I was curious as to how the other onaholes hold up if anyone has tried them.