Just as the title says- what's your pick or picks for best lube?

My favorite was the Maria Ozawa lotion- amazingly realistic, not too thin not too thick, a little floral smelling but lasted great. Sadly it seems that's discontinued.

2nd Runner up are the Meiki Bliss lotion- a solid hitter for me- similar to the texture of the Maria but no smell. The 3rd runner up would be the much loved Onatsuyu Pussy Juicy lotion. A good option as well, my main complaint is I wish the nozzle on the bottle was narrower, easy to overdo it with that one.

There's several sample lotions I've liked I got with ones but hard to buy more if I'm not quite sure what the name is or if I'm getting the same thing just cause the same JAV star is on the label. But the NPG 80ml squeeze bottle lubes like in the Mao-Man box were good. The larger NPG 150ml dome topped bottles of lube were also good and the clear sample bottles with the A-One ones with the pink spherical top were also great.

I always have trusty astroglide too, which works but not as well as the others for toys. but I usually keep that for real sex. Interestingly I can say most of the lubes above have worked fine for real women when I've been in a lube pinch so FYI.

But I'm open to discovering more- as often it seems our lotion favorites aren't always in stock and these toys are pretty useless without lube IMHO. So I've love to hear other favorites.