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  1. Yura Anekawa

    So I bought this and used it for the first time. I looked at the tunnels and don't really see anything that indicates a "uterus" poke through type gimmick but I was wondering if anybody else could shed

  2. Oppai mousepad

    So there are no reviews still and I'm kinda on the fence anybody bought them and just not reviewed who could help out?

  3. Everyone ready for early Black Friday?

    So this is my first Black Friday on TD and I was wondering what kind of sales to expect? I currently have my desired order already in the cart because soon as the sale starts I wanna be sure to get what

  4. Loscul onaholes

    Does anyone own the Beast Kingdom Rabbit/Tiger Girl Onaholes? They aren't available on this site and I don't buy unless its from this site. I would love to see more kemonomimi themed stuff on this site.

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  1. Beast Kingdom Horny Tiger

    So I am reviewing both Beast Kingdoms and Tiger is definitely the best. The tiger girl's texture's claim to achieve a powerful ejaculation is pretty accurate. The texture has lines horizontally and vertically and you can definitely feel it on insertion. This one is gonna be a staple in my rotation from now on I have never fallen asleep after using an onahole, that's just how amazing it was to be honest.

    The only thing I have found that I don't really care for is that it dry's out pretty fast and I am not really sure why to be honest.

    Long tunnel
    Not overly stimulating while still being "powerful" in the makers words

    Dry's out quick

  2. Beast Kingdom Horny Rabbit

    So I am doing reviews of both Beast Kingdoms and I will go ahead and rank them now. Tiger is my favorite, but that doesn't mean rabbit doesn't have any strengths.

    So as the other review said the nubs are small, but I personally didn't expect them to be big because you can see in the picture of the half onahole that they are small. Now what I will say is that after a single use the nubs have mostly come off and left behind small raised indents instead of raised hair style nubs almost like suction cups. The first use I wasn't really impressed and agreed with the other review but after subsequent use it was amazing.

    If you want one strictly for nubs just get the surfer gal.

    Long tunnel
    Design flaw?

    Fragile nubs may turn off some

  3. Renzoku Zetcho Kari Binta

    First let me say this thing is amazing in terms of feel if I was rating it solely on that I would give it a five star easy. The texture inside is similar to the Lilith six uterus which is basically just six rings that you push through. Now onto why I gave it three stars, I have only used it once and after use there are multiple dents in the onahole that look like a hole could be punched through easily these are not simple micro tears like you see in some soft onaholes after use, it is a full on wear and tear dent like I have been going at it hard for months and im gonna poke a hole through the thing or something. Now as for my size and girth I'm average so that is definitely not the issue I just think the product itself has some durability issues. Would I buy it again if I do punch a hole through it? YUP the price point beats any issues with the durability.

    Feels amazing
    Cute fox girl

    Terrible durability

  4. La Bocca Della Verita Perorin (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    I personally liked how the sleeve felt, but the teeth actually hurt. I wouldn't recommend this sleeve if you rub raw easily.

    Tongue feels good
    Looks good

    Teeth may hurt
    Hard to keep clean

  5. Puni Mitsu Soft

    The packing is not kidding when it says it is soft, this thing may as well not even have a texture on the inside! Now hear me out though while I personally can't really feel the texture I gave it 5 stars for a reason, I use this hole when I want a good long session building up to a mind blowing orgasm. While this may not be everybody's thing this is definitely a solid pick for that kind of thing.

    Long sessions
    Cute box art

    Difficult to lube up
    Small entrance

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