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  1. Ambiguous availability of some items

    I want to start by saying how much I love this site. I really do, 'cause it's awesome. The shipping's great, I like the community, the reviews, all of that. But I do wonder why some items have a definitive

  2. Soft dual-layer recommendations

    So I've been into single layers lately, really like them a lot compared to the duals I've had because they're softer and feel more real to me, but I'm striking out in terms of durability. Even my Venus

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  1. I’ve had three versions of this onahole; this one, “soft”, and “very soft”. This version is insanely soft, but I can still feel the textures and it’s comfortable, not really loose or tight, but tight enough. It’s not as durable as the “soft” version but still very sturdy to be so soft. In fact, this one’s held up better than my “very soft” version did, though that might be a fluke.

    There’s not a lot to be said about the sensation besides “ultra-soft”.
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    super soft and still natural feeling, durable to be so soft

    NOT highly stimulating (if that’s what you’re after), doesn’t work well with the Meiki hip

  2. So this is a bit of an odd one for me, I'd say it hits a lot of good notes while not being perfect. The toy is quite small, and kind of lavender colored, not the color in the pictures, which is fine. It's very tight but also quite soft, and surprisingly durable for how cheap it is. It's not exactly an anal feeling that it gives but it isn't not one either... tight enough to give that impression even if it's not spot on.Show more

    Review image

    Cheap, durable, soft, and tight. It's $20

    small, but it's $20. Misleading promo photos, it's not that color and it seems to be single layer

  3. Rating

    I'm really shocked at how under-reviewed this onahole is. It's my third, my first having been the Julia+ and my second having been the Meiki Creation Yuria Satomi. I also have an Extreme Pleasure Hip Mini 2 Rika Mari, and this really beats them all.

    This toy is very, very realistic. Not "real", that's impossible, but its interior textures have the magical combination of soft and tight that gets it right so much more than my previous onaholes.
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    durable, very "realistic", soft, and odorless

    If I'm feeling petty I'd say the entrance, but I honestly don't care

  4. I wish I had gotten into single layer (vaginal) onaholes sooner. I started with dual layers, and I felt they were “realistic” because I was comparing them to fleshlights, which I found unyielding and uncomfortable. That skewed my perspective, and I had this notion that there was no way a toy would ever feel “real”, just “close enough”. Even the Yuria Satomi Meiki, regarded as among the most realistic dual layers, felt “overdone” to me, and I said as much in my review of it.Show more

    Realistic, silky, smooth, soft, and snug. Near perfect balance of tightness and softness.

    Kind of ugly, wish it looked like the Muses Arkhe

  5. NPG says that this is a realistic reproduction of Maria Nagai's privates, but it is very clearly a reissued Meiki no Syoumei EXP Saki Ootsuka. You can still find that here on this site, reviews and all, and most of the promo pictures for this hole are recycled whole cloth from that one, not by ToyDemon but by NPG. It is realistic though, and I'm not complaining, just letting others know.

    Now, short version: feels amazing and realistic, damaged severely during a single (gentle) use.
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    Review image

    Feels amazing, realistic, and soft with a "silky" quality that's missing from other holes. It was basically exactly what I wanted and hoped for.

    Awful durability. For the price, its longevity really can't be excused. If this were half the price, I'd give it 5 stars.

  6. Rating

    It would be pretty nice, but mine tore after 2 uses. I'm pretty much average and wasn't rough with it. It did also smell very chemically compared to others

    Decent sensation, not quite like the real thing but nice

    The smell and the durabiility

  7. Rating

    I got this after my Tong-GGO 2 started tearing way too quickly. This is actually the 3rd anal toy I've been through, the previous being a fleshlight. So far this one is my favorite because it gets the feeling right where others I've tried didn't. The interior texture isn't very stimulating but neither is a rectum, and if you're using the suction right, that combined with the rubber "sphincter" grips wonderfully, which is intense in its own way.Show more

    Its grip and the vacuum effect. Closest to the real deal I've found so far

    It's a bit shallow.

  8. I can understand why this toy is so divisive, the teeth can make it feel a bit rougher than you might expect. I have some concerns about durability with this. It's pleasantly soft but the inner lining had a few odd "bubbles" before I ever used it and it has a pinprick hole that I only know exists because tiny air bubbles come out the back during use/cleaning. All that said, this is pretty good.

    As far as feeling goes, as I said before it's a mouth, for better or worse.
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    It's a mouth. It feels pretty good but not amazing

    Moderate suction only, and it doesn't seem very durable

  9. Rating

    I got this to replace a melted fleshlight (long story) and I wish I'd ditched that thing yonks ago. Everything about this is fantastic. I wasn't sure at first if I liked the little sculpted "body" on it, but it makes it easier to hold. The texture is great on the outside with the anatomy being lovingly rendered, but how's it feel? Amazing, that's how! Nothing's going to feel like the real thing, but this is as close a toy as I've felt so far, which is to say, not extremely stimulating but heavenly.Show more

    The sensation is great and it's easy to hold. Seems sturdy

    The goofy little body, but I don't dislike it either

  10. Skip La Bocca De La Verita. Seriously, this one is much, much better. It feels as real as I think a toy can and it actually has suction, unlike the Verita. The only problem with this toy is the cleanup. It's a pain. A huge pain in fact, and getting all of the moisture out of the throat area is hard to do even with drying sticks. But it's worth it. It seems durable, but if/when it wears out I won't hesitate to buy it again. It's a bit on the heavy side, but not unwieldy.Show more

    The realism, suction, and apparent sturdiness

    The weight, and cleanup is not very easy or fast