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  1. Ambiguous availability of some items

    I want to start by saying how much I love this site. I really do, 'cause it's awesome. The shipping's great, I like the community, the reviews, all of that. But I do wonder why some items have a definitive

  2. Soft dual-layer recommendations

    So I've been into single layers lately, really like them a lot compared to the duals I've had because they're softer and feel more real to me, but I'm striking out in terms of durability. Even my Venus

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  1. IL PRIMO BACIO Sweet Lotion 220ml

    I like a lot of lubes/lotions that aren't necessarily good for me. Scented ones can give me allergic reactions, but I still like them. This is not scented, as far as I can tell, but leaving it on for too long gave me some problems anyway.

    BartlettsPearzzz mentions that is isn't frothy, but this hasn't been my experience. For me, it does froth, and gets bubbly with use. But I am sensitive to something in it, I suspect it is the chemical agent that causes the foam. My urethra burned after using it once, like an STI kind of burn, but it went away after I flushed my urethra. So, if you are chemically sensitive, like I am (I'm allergic to everything) I recommend caution.

    This is a great lotion, I like using it with my favorite oral toy (not sold here) and it's a great combo. It gets frothy over time and is stringy and slippery and lovely. If you are chemically sensitive at all, I STRONGY recommend flushing your urethra (peeing) after using a toy with it, as I had a very unpleasant experience after not doing so. Nevertheless, I like this lube/lotion a lot, and have continued using it. I don't think it's that great for vaginal/anal style toys, though.

    Excellent companion to oral onaholes. Stringy and frothy

    Those with chemical sensitivities should exercise caution

  2. Virgin Loop The Master Lotion 400ml

    Well, I can bid a fond farewell to Silky Lotion, Onatsuyu, and Meiki Bliss. This is called “The Master” and so far, it is. Other reviews (in Japanese) say that it’s the companion lotion for the Virgin Loop onahole, but it works extremely well with anything. It’s very slippery, doesn’t get sticky, and doesn’t dry out for a startlingly long time. It feels as though it coats the inside of a toy, leaving it with a film that stays slick. The viscosity is somehow perfect, it allows you to feel all of the textures in even a very mild toy like a Venus Real, but it’s neither watery nor gooey. The bottle design is mostly great, but you cannot see how much is remaining in the bottle without removing the sleeve that also has the art on it. I don’t mind that, but it’s worth noting. Finally, the value for money is really great. For around 17 dollars you get an extra hundred ml on the more expensive Onatsuyu. With my extremely soft onaholes (the only kind I like at this point), this works amazingly well. I imagine that more textured or intense onaholes would feel even more stimulating with this, as it is slippery but not muting at all.

    My only gripe, and it is small, is that it takes more effort to fully wash off or clean out than some others.

    Truly the finest lube I’ve tried. A perfect companion to vaginal/anal style onaholes

    A little harder to clean off than Onatsuyu, for example

  3. G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick II

    I owned 4 of the original version of these PVA sponge sticks. Two wore out and needed replacing, but these new ones are more or less the same. The old ones had rounded tips at one end, and these don't have rounded tips at all. They were and are excellent, though, a massive upgrade from the hard diatomaceous earth sticks. They're gentle on soft toys and absorb excess or remaining moisture quite efficiently. I'd never buy any other kind of drying stick as long as these were made.

    Excellent cleaning tool. Suck up moisture quite well and are easy to clean if they absorb too much onahole oil

    pricey, but no other issues

  4. Kanjuku Meiki Seductive Young Wife Maria Nagai

    Despite my previous low score, this is still one of my favorite onaholes in terms of sensation. It’s about the same firmness as Tomax’s Soft material, but it’s completely different while somehow being quite similar. It’s just a gently curved toy with light striations on top of a set of worm-like ridges that line the interior on the bottom. The top has more random textures along the g-spot that are a less distinct. My first two wore out tragically quickly. The first in particular was more or less destroyed by two uses, but I’ve lucked out this time. Yes, it has torn at the entrance, but there are no deep tears inside. I’ve only used my current one with the Meiki hip, and I think that it might reduce tearing by restricting how far out of its original shape it can deform in response to use, but who knows. To me, the Maria Nagai is one of the best onahole experiences you can have if you like “realistic” but it won’t last forever. When this one eventually wears out, I think I’ll buy it again - it feels great in a way that is totally unique to it, with a great combination of firmness and subtle texturing. That I bought it again despite my previous experiences should tell you all you need to know about how good it feels if you like realism in your onaholes.

    A great “realistic” onahole with a smooth yet firm feeling. Unique design that feels amazing

    Durability can be an issue. I have been lucky this time but my previous experiences were poor in this respect.

  5. Muses Arkhe Rich Soft

    If you like the Tomax feeling in general, and the Rich Soft in particular, this is great. It feels like a shorter, tighter version of the Venus Real with an added uterus at the back. At this softness, though, the uterus isn’t very noticeable. Entering it feels pretty similar to the rest of the toy, and most of the time I miss it and “bottom out” instead. Despite that, this toy feels amazing but at this softness, but only for the sensitive or "realism" pursuers, and it’s more of a good “realistic” toy than a good uterus toy. A commenter on the Very Soft version notes that the real thing is softer than that one is, and here we have a softness that’s pretty comparable to the real deal, but this is lacking the texture even of the Venus Real. What I’m saying is that there is no point in buying this if you aren’t after an extremely low stimulation experience; it will not do it for you if you need some kind of texture to get you there.

    The durability is very good, but be prepared for some surface blemishing with this material. The labia look a bit rougher and more textured than when I bought it, but nothing major has happened. I haven’t seen any tears or any damage that affects the feeling.

    Very good “realistic” toy in that it is not heavily textured and feels natural. It might be better than the Venus Real

    Probably too little stimulation for many. The rich soft material shows wear fairly quickly, but is hard to break

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