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  1. Rating

    I bought all 3 of the Maga Kore Minami series and they are all fantastic. This one is a heckin' chonker it is pretty hefty. If you're deciding on which one to buy I'd recommend the butt one. There are no downsides to this one, I just personally think this one can be awkward to use. you really got to lay this on a bed

  2. Rating

    So I bought these cause they put emphasis on how "soft" they were, and they weren't kidding. These might be the softest and biggest breast toy out there. I also really enjoy how stretchy the nipples are, they're pretty fun to play with. There is no smell and they seem (so far) pretty durable. The box is pretty heavy-duty too which is great cause I own other big breast toys and I store them in the box so I hope it'll last. Overall I'm pretty happy with this buy, I'd say the only downside to these are the price they are pretty expensive but you pay for what you get and boy do you get a lot.

  3. Rating

    These are almost as big as the "Marie-San's Boobs" and 1/5 of the cost so I think these are good value. Pretty durable, fun to play with, and are pretty soft but sturdy enough to not have worry about them falling apart. 10/10 would buy again

  4. Rating

    This is my 2nd onahole and I love it. It was more durable than my first one and it felt better. I like the size of it.

  5. Rating

    This was my 2nd onahole and I thought this one was great. I still prefer my first one since it was more accommodating but this does the job


    Kinda tough to clean

  6. Rating

    I really liked the interior it felt really good but it was very small length wise. It kept slipping off of me. If it was just like 3 inches longer it would be the best. But its still good for the price.

    Texture, interior design

    Length too short

  7. Rating

    This one wasn't for me. Its very firm, and the suction wouldnt work for me. The length is pretty good and it was tight. I think because of the firmness its super easy to clean.

    Length, tightness, easy to clean

    Pretty hard

  8. Rating

    These are excellent; they are easy to clean, feel amazing, and are pretty cheap. The only downside to them I can think of is after about a month they tend to dry up and the springs on the inside will start to deform.

  9. I thought the size of this one was good but there is this semi-hard plastic on the inside which didn't feel too good

    Durable, easy to clean

    semi hard plastic where the "suction" part is

  10. Rating

    When I first saw this I thought it was gonna rip since it is tiny but it kept its form and still hasn't ripped. I like the texture on the inside. I think it is solid for the price. It's easily the best out of the 3 others in the series.

    Tightness, price

    Could be longer